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Edge of Eternity Review: A Final Fantasy Inspired JRPG

Edge of Eternity Review: A Final Fantasy Inspired JRPG

Edge of Eternity is the new JRPG with strong references to Final Fantasy, developed by Midgar Studio, and published directly by Dear Villagers right now on new generation consoles (as well as PCs), at a price that is around 29 euros (remembering however its presence in Microsoft’s Game Pass). Let’s take a closer look at ours review complete.


The issues addressed during the experience belong to various styles, very often mixing the cards on the table. Although it was developed by a European team, the oriental inspiration did note very muchwith just as many differences that prove not to be thought of by the Japanese.

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The world of Edge of Eternity it is a future of an era not well identified in time, in which the aliens, after wandering around the universe for millions of years, they officially landed on the planet, establishing a fluctuating relationship with humanity. At first everything seemed to be going well, humans were able to take steps forward by learning foreign techniques and technologies, until without a more than valid reasonextraterrestrials have started to bomb cities, forcing mankind into small makeshift camps, and into the most common one resistence. The battle soon takes a turn for the worse, as a virus, called Corrosionwith very high mortality, and ready to transform infected in automata violent and devoid of vitality.

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We impersonate Daryona simple guy armed with spadeoriginally intended to be sacrificed in a magical ritual, which after escaping death, manages to reach his sister, Selene. The problem is only one, the mother is infected with Corrosion, their target will be to to discover a cure, before the virus get the better of the woman. A story that, although told by us in broad terms, takes a cue from the classics of the sector, without introducing anything new. The narrative itself has a rhythm very interesting, able to capture the user’s attention, and to involve him with many interesting facets, as well as an excellent characterization of the characters. Appreciated the choice of to reduce the amount of dialoguesmaking the experience more fluid (the Italian localization is completely missing).

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The game was made with Unity, a not too powerful and decidedly limited graphics engine; a choice that, coupled with the huge amount of time that elapsed before publication (we recall that it was launched on Kickstarter back in 2013), considerably reduces the general quality.

The views and settings are very beautiful and captivating from seei colors they are handled perfectly, with excellent resolution and sharpness; what is missing is the outline, the characters secondary are too static, we sometimes notice a misalignment between the voice and the mouth of the subject who is speaking, as well as texture quite poor. The whole is certainly captivating, but observing everything closely, they can be noticed many small shortcomingshow animations often even unnatural. Our proof on Xbox Series X it went very well, however, with no noteworthy frame rate slowdowns.

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There soundtrackmade by Yasunori Mitsudais excellentthe rhythm follows the action perfectly, with songs able to accompany the user on his journey, and greatly improving the overall experience.

Style of play, gameplay and fighting

Edge of Eternity it’s a JRPG inspired by Final Fantasy, whose main activities lie in theexploration and in fighting. In moving around the large map made available, the player will control the character with a third-person view, however limiting possible platforming stages, as it is not possible to jump or climb. The whole adventure will be alone horizontalwith shortcuts to move between the various points of interest, practice otherwise boring. All exploration takes place in the air openas it will not be possible to visit the inside of the buildings, except with minigames quite a lot of ends in themselves. Important are the villagesmeeting places where recoverscroll the bulletin board with side missions, and tables of work.

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The latter accompany the growth of the character, with an overall well-developed and satisfactory progression system. The weapons are customizable and upgradeable by installing gems (have their own growth), obtainable through missions or secondary objectives. Exploring they will find the instructions for crafting, as well as chests that contain all the necessary items; at the forgeor on the work tables, it will then be possible to create traps, weapons and ammunition.

THE fighting I am in turnsand represent the fundamental element of Edge of Eternity, in a style that is also very reminiscent of Disciples Liberation, reviewed a while ago here on Focustech. The view changes to isometricthe battlefields are all different from each other, with base hexagonal and features that allow the user to take specific approaches. For example, you can use them healing stones scattered around the same, or upgrades that allow you to improve temporarily spells or the power of attacks. The tactical aspect is perhaps partly limitedgiven the small size of the map in which the clash takes place, but they are details, the combat system it is certainly well done, very well studied and well thought out.

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Edge of Eternity: conclusions

In conclusion Edge of Eternity it’s a JRPG which follows all the clichés of oriental titles, bringing an experience enriched by one to the screens beautiful texture and engaging, as well as a system of combat definitely up to the occasion, with many approaches able to satisfy the most demanding users, and fans of the genre.

On the other side of the coin, the most negative aspect concerns the sector techniciangraphically appears to be a title backward, both because of the many years required for development, and because of the team’s limited financial resources. Despite everything, we consider it a title for sale at a price more than adequate, for the overall experience offer.

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Edge of Eternity

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7.0 / 10



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