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Ecovacs Deebot T9 AIVI review: is it the best robot vacuum cleaner of 2022?

Ecovacs Deebot T9 AIVI review: is it the best robot vacuum cleaner of 2022?

Ecovacs Deebot T9 AIVI is a robot vacuum cleaner that at first glance really seems to have everything what a user looks for in a product of this type, is in fact equipped with a camera front to serve as an indoor, technology camera AeroForce from iRobot with innovative brushes, and the washing function. What more could you want? let’s find out together in ours review complete.

Aesthetics and Design

Aesthetically, the product remains perfectly in line with the design of the brand, and of the other devices already reviewed in the past; is entirely made of plasticin our case of coloring Blacka glossy insert in the upper part (which unfortunately gets dirty easily), on which we find the LIDAR radar and the only function button (with built-in status LED) for use without an official application.

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The dimensions are average, in fact it reaches 34.5 x 34.5 x 9.5cmwith a weight of 3.88 kg, manages to slip perfectly between the legs of the chairs, under the sofas and beds. Different speech for the radiator, in this case it may not be able to clean, without prejudice to being dimensionally in line with expectations.

The upper opening system is a classic of the products Ecovacsinside there is a reservoir for the powder from approx 420 milliliters, with brush included and completely removable filter. Capacity doesn’t stray too far from what we are usually used to seeing, it is perhaps slightly smaller than others, but then not that much. Priced at approx 200 eurosyou can buy the emptying tower automatic, an interesting plus, which however weighs down the final expenditure (already substantial).

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One of the main aspects ofEcovacs Deebot T9 AIVI it is the presence of a real one front camerawhich facilitates the navigation of the robot during the cleaning phases, but which at the same time allows it to be used for functions of video surveillance (starting for example the automatic patrol of the environment).

From the application it is in fact possible to choose specific areas where to start shooting, by carrying out video recordings or photographsthen saved directly to the internal memory of the device 50MB, to access it later. In addition, we point out the presence of microphone and speaker (in the same way as your own IP camera), a kind of two-way audio to listen to what is happening at home, and possibly make animals or children hear their voices.

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The only one negative aspect concerns the absence of night visionin this way it will be possible to use it only and exclusively with daylight or artificial light. In the package not to overlook even the presence of a lens cover for more privacy; the connection is made via Wifiif this is missing, it will not be possible to use the camera remotely.

Cleaning and Washing

Ecovacs Deebot T9 AIVI is the company’s first robot to integrate technology AeroForce from iRobot (licensed), a step forward incredible with as many improvements in the level of cleanliness, and in addressing a specific portion of users. Unlike the usual central brush, the current model integrates two rubber brushes counter-rotating (i.e. turning in different directions), this leads to an increase in socket on all surfaces (both rigid and carpets), cleaning deeperand avoid that hair or animal hair, yes twist (an incredible inconvenience with all other robot vacuum cleaners).

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The maximum power of aspiration and of 3000 Pa, with automatic recognition and increment in relation to the surface. The noise is greater compared to the other models of the brand, despite the presence of the silent / do not disturb mode, but does not reach the levels of a Dyson 360 Heurist. It goes without saying that it is the performance robot best of the whole series Ecovacshe acted to the perfection on any surface (hard, soft, glossy or matte), with one cleaning thorough of the carpets.

The navigation takes advantage of both the LIDARfor the mapping of the house, which the front chamber for object recognition. The mapping is correct, it can also be multi-storey, and does not show any defections; moving within the environment is accurate, the device hardly crashes, and if it really leans very docilely against the piece of furniture or obstacles. Operation is improve with natural or artificial light, precisely because the anterior chamber does not have the function nocturnal it is limited, although it is nonetheless important remember that, navigation is Great even in complete darkness. The presence of two side brushes facilitates the cleaning of corners and edges, with the algorithm designed to recognize up to 15 types of objects, and be able to start cleaning in less “populated” or obstructed areas.

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L’Ecovacs Deebot T9 AIVI can also be used for to wash the floor, a reservoir from 180 milliliterscomplete with washable or disposable moppino, with sufficient capacity to thoroughly wash an environment of no more than 90 square meters. The washing system uses technology Ozmo Pro 2.0with the possibility to choose three levels of water flow or vibration of the cloth up to 480 times every minute (thus being able to rub with more energy, cleaning more deeply). The performances do not differ too much from what we have already told you in the past, they are perfectly in line with the top of the range.

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Battteria and official application

Inside theEcovacs Deebot T9 AIVI one was placed battery from 5200mAhmore than satisfactory for very large environments, with a single charge you can really think of clean also two floors of a cottage; otherwise, there is the function that interrupts momentarily cleaning, returning autonomously to the base, to resume when it has sufficient charge. In our tests we cleaned a house of approx 35 square meterstranslated into less than 30 walkable, in approx 23 minutes with standard level. It should be noted that the timing and autonomy may vary in relation to the selected mode.

The mobile application to use is Ecovacs Home, perfectly compatible with any device Android And iOS. The interfaces are simple, intuitive, well organized, and quite modern in design. The translation is excellent and I am able to gather all the information necessary to fully understand the device. Among the functions not to be overlooked we find the personalization of maps (dividing the areas at will, choosing the cleaning order or assigning names), the management of the suction power (organized on four stages), the management of the water flow (on 3 levels), or the choice of suction mode (a single zone, an area, a room) by also setting the frequency. Last, but not least, the planning weekly, and the management of the patrol, as regards the modality camera.

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Ecovacs Deebot T9 AIVI: conclusions

In conclusion, Ecovacs Deebot T9 AIVI it is indisputably one of the best robot vacuum cleaners on the market, if not indeed the best for various reasons. First of all, iRobot’s AeroForce technology, the change in terms of cleaning and efficiency compared to previous models, is truly incredible, becoming a product perfect even for users with animals, who have always hated seeing their hair rolled around the center brush. The power, the mapping and the application, do not change compared to the excellent Ecovacs Deebot T9 we had already told you about.

The presence of the camera front is partly an end in itself, simply because it makes navigation better in strong light, but is unusable at dark. Thinking therefore of setting up a patrol when we are not at home, to fully enjoy it, we should leave the lights on or let the light in from the window, and it is almost always impossible. The price is high, however we consider it adequate in relation to performance offers.

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Ecovacs Deebot T9 AIVI

799 euros


Aesthetics and Dimensions

8.5 / 10


9.5 / 10


9.5 / 10


8.0 / 10

Official application

8.5 / 10



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