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Donald Trump: His social media app is available on the Apple Store

Donald Trump: His social media app is available on the Apple Store

It was Monday released a new social media application supported by former US President Donald Trump and now available on the Apple Store. An app very similar to the already famous Twitter and has been named Truth Social; is owned by Trump Media and Technology Group, the media company that Trump started after leaving the White House.

Users who decided to download it found themselves at having to register for the servicebut it appears that at the moment the signup process has ended with a waiting list which gradually increases. The debut of this application would seem to be linked to the Trump’s desire to return to social mediaafter a year in which he was banned from major social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube after the revolt of January 6.

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Truth Social, Trump’s new social media app has landed on the Apple Store

The CEO of the company stated that the service is expected to become fully operational at the end of March, when anyone in the United States can use it. Trump’s app joins a number of services much appreciated by conservatives and more and more apps like Rumble, Parler, Gettr and other services have sprung up as alternatives to traditional social networks. However, some have encountered many difficulties. For example Parler has been removed from the Apple Store because the January 6 rioters are thought to have used this service to incite even more violence.

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This is how the advent not only of a new social network is looming, but of a platform that presents itself as champion of free speech, attracting users who feel censored by pre-existing platforms. In other words, Truth Social promises to be a not indifferent den of conspiracy theorists, extremists and much more. It remains mostly shrouded in secrecy and, for example, it is unclear how the company is financing its current growth. What instead appears crystal clear is that Truth Social could have a significant impact on moods and the shifting of votes in view of 2024 elections, in which Trump immediately said he wanted to re-run.

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Truth Social already in the morning recorded the most downloads of all, even more than the game of the moment, Wordle !, TikTok, Hbo Max and YouTube, finishing at the top of the list drawn up by Apple. So once you have successfully logged in and registered you will be prompted to post a “truth”, accompany it with photos or stories and then publish it.

Ph. Credit: USA Today