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Do I have the original APK of WhatsApp Plus 2022 on my Android?

Do I have the original APK of WhatsApp Plus 2022 on my Android?

Mexico.- WhatsApp Plus is an application similar to Meta’s Normal WhatsApp, but with extra functions that allow you to change colors, have many emojis, download statuses and much more. Its popularity has grown so much in recent months that one of the main questions among users is: how to know if I downloaded and installed the original APK or it was one of the copies?

This time Debate brings the answer so that you can use WhatsApp Plus without fear of information theft, although well, surely you already know that it is a latent risk regardless of the app you have. If you are the target of a cyber attack, it is very difficult to avoid it.

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Remember that having the favorite application of liars and infidels always implies a lot of responsibility and risk, since on more than one occasion WhatsApp has announced that it will ban users who use the pirated version on their Android or IOS (iPhone) cell phone.

How do I know if I have the original version of WhatsApp Plus

To know it you must follow a few steps, first pay close attention to the upper part, when entering the application it should say «WhatsApp Plus in the dark green area.

Another option if you want to be more secure is to go to the ‘Settings’ section within the messaging application, in ‘Information’ a text will be displayed indicating which WhatsApp you are running on your smartphone.

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Another point to consider when answering today’s question is related to advertising. Those annoying banners that appear on the screen when you are about to carry out an action. If you are full of ads, be careful, it is surely not the original version of WhatsApp Plus, because it will only show you ads if you need to download it to unlock it.

If you have a WhatsApp pirate application, it is possible that at some point you will be asked to pay for some extra function. This can mean great danger as developers could store your credit or debit card details for misuse. The ‘Plus’ version of WA never charges or asks you to make payments.

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If you want to download WhatsApp Plus without fear of having a fake one, search on reliable websites or do it directly on Debate.com.mx, there we will give you download options every time a new APK is released.

My name is Juan Pablo Chaidez Aispuro, I was born in Culiacán, Sinaloa in a small family whose nucleus originally consisted of four people: father, mother and two children. From my earliest years I showed a taste for seeing news and being informed. I am a graduate of the 2014-2018 generation of the Journalism degree, from the Autonomous University of Sinaloa (UAS), the first in that career since its opening. As for professional experience, I was able to obtain an apprenticeship for a period of six months in the sports area of ​​the Noroeste newspaper, where I did professional internships. Then I had the opportunity to spend another six months in the ranks of Radio Sinaloa, particularly in the news program Informativo Puro Sinaloa, of the state government. There I covered local issues, recorded voice for the news, contributed content for other broadcasts and had live participation. Since 2020 I have been in Debate, a company that opened the doors for me to integrate as a web reporter, and months later to occupy the position of Editor on the Debate.com.mx site.

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