DirectX 11.2 will be exclusive to Xbox One and Windows 8.1

The Xbox One will have one of the main new features of Windows 8.1, support for DirectX 11.2. The latest version of Microsoft graphics libraries it will be compatible only at the hardware level with the latest version of Windows 8.1Leaving aside Windows “8.0” itself if not upgraded to the current version and older operating systems like Windows 7.

Among the innovations that this new version of DirectX will include, the most outstanding are the Tiled Resourcesa new system for textures that allows divide them into different sections or modules to allow the use of much larger textures, thus having to use a smaller number of them and allowing, for example in games, not to be necessary to load the entire large texture in memory if only a portion of it is seen in the scene, optimizing the performance of the application or game in general.

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Also noteworthy is Multisampling Anti-Aliasing filtering (MSSA), which can now reach 16xor the High Level Shader Language (HLSL)) To generate more complex shaders and higher quality, something that combined with FLC (Function Linking Graph) It can be done automatically without having to be implemented manually by the developer.

In principle it seems that DirectX 11.2 will be compatible with all graphics cards that support DirectX 11.1, apart from the Xbox One console itself. What is clear is that if we want to enjoy the new features of DirectX 11.2 we will have to install Windows 8.1 yes or Yes.

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