Dell enters the miniPC market with Android

Android MiniPCs are small devices the size of a conventional USB flash drive, but inside they have an ARM processor, generally based on Cortex-A8 or A-9 and that connect to the television or an eternal screen via HDMI, turning it into an Android device, we have an example in the UG802, of which you have a complete review at the following link: Review MiniPC Android UG802.

Generally, these devices are manufactured in China by little-known companies, although for fairly cheap prices of around €50-80 depending on the capabilities of each model, now a world-renowned company like Dell wants to enter the market with its Project Ophelia.

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According to the few details that have been revealed by the company, it is a device with HDMI, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, which will have Android version 4 inside it and will focus on using various cloud systems offered by the company under the Dell Wyse name. Naturally it will also serve as a multimedia center or even a game console, allowing you to take it with us anywhere thanks to its reduced size.

It will be launched during the first six months of this year, although without revealing its price, which we hope will not rise too much compared to the current models on the market.

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