Cyberpunk 2077 sees its official launch delayed to November

Cyberpunk 2077 sees its official launch delayed to November

The team of Cyberpunk 2077 today released an official statement explaining that the game will be delayed again, passing its release from September 17 to November 19 of this year.

In this way, as they explain, they make one of the most complicated exchanges that a game developer can do, and that is to exchange the trust of the users for a little more time to finish the game. Anyway, the company ensures that all the content is already entered in the game, so it goes without saying that the game is technically playable from start to finish.

CD Projekt Red explains that due to the complexity of the game, they must completely make sure that everything works correctly, balance the mechanics of the game and fix large amounts of bugs that inevitably appear during the development of a game of such magnitude, so they prefer to delay the game so that it is the best possible to launch the incomplete game and fix things on the fly based on patches.

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They also mention that this week, reporters from around the world will start playing the game independently, something that will allow them to hear additional opinions about the game.

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