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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7

The event for the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII was everything fans of the seventh installment expected. A first look at Final Fantasy VII Rebirth filled us with excitement, and the nostalgia hit came with the announcement of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 – Reunion. The return of zack It will be a spectacular facelift.

Now, the development team has revealed a lot of details. In IGN producer Mariko Sato comments that the work done “is similar to creating a new version”, which points to a really great depth for the review.

Regarding when this remaster was planned to take shape, legendary producer Yoshinori Kitase states that it was not produced as a joint project to Final Fantasy VII Remake, but it happened in the final stages of development of the return of Cloud and company.

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In terms of how much Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 – Reunion will change compared to the 2008 PSP title, we know that the graphics have been overhauled with new 3D modeling in Unreal Engine 4. Not only that, but the voice acting it has been re-recorded and the soundtrack will have different revisions.

The combos activated by the slot mechanic will now not only depend on being activated randomly, but we can use the skills whenever we want. Sato assures that the objective is to reach a level of quality that is up to Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Regarding what we can expect at a technical level, the person in charge indicated that on PC we can reach 120FPS, while on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S we will go up to 60FPS. Of course, the question remains as to what will happen to the Nintendo Switch version, of which it has been said that there will be “differences” in terms of resolution and frame rate.

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no plot changes

One would think that Square Enix would take the opportunity to add new elements to the story or modify others to be more in line with the current canon. However, both Sato and Kitase have pointed out that no such decision has been made.

“With Final Fantasy VII Remake, it was a new starting point for Final Fantasy VII, so we decided to expand the story. But with Crisis Core Reunion, it’s a remaster and still stands as a story that expands on the original Final story.” Fantasy VII. So we didn’t want to stray too far from that.”

No plans for more remakes

Works that could undergo a profound change remain in the portfolio, as is the case with Canto funebre de Cerberus – Final Fantasy VII or Before the crisis – Final Fantasy VII. However, Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed to Famitsu that this possibility will not materialize at the moment, although there is a desire among the staff to create both projects.

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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 – Reunion will be released this winter on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.