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Covid-19, the virus can be burned in the air via an LED light


Covid-19, the virus can be burned in the air via an LED light

Unfortunately, as many virologists predicted, the whole world is in the midst of the return wave of COVID-19, the coronavirus that caused a global pandemic with millions of deaths. Despite the maximum attention of governments and people, with social distancing and the use of masks, the infections do not seem to decrease, and this situation will probably continue until the actual discovery of an effective vaccine.

In the meantime, scientific studies continue and an Italian school, a Rivolihe experienced a way through led light to burn the virus particles in the air, significantly reducing the risk of contagion. Let’s find out more.

The led light that burns Covid-19

This discovery is undoubtedly innovative and very interesting, especially to be used in closed and crowded places, where the risk of contagion is absolutely high and not to be underestimated. 112 are installed in the 27 classrooms of the school in the Piedmont area “Air Panel”of the appropriate technology-based devices “WiwActive” a system capable of generating an oxidative process through particles generated by the LED light present which inactivate the polluting molecule, in this case that of the coronavirus.

After the news of this discovery, the virologist also spoke about it Fabrizio I pray, who commented on the news as follows: “this system is generally interesting for the problem of indoor air quality. As for Covid, it represents a further barrier to spread. It is in fact essential that there are many actions, considering that every protection system has flaws and that therefore we need to have more barriers that will allow us to live with the virus that will still be present for a long time ”.

Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay