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Covid-19: the first syringe without a needle arrives to get vaccinated

Covid-19: the first syringe without a needle arrives to get vaccinated

From tomorrow Messina will become the first “needle free” city in Europe in the administration of anti-Covid vaccines. In fact, a new medical system will be available, already used for diabetics, ALS patients, biopsies and aesthetic interventions, it will allow to inoculate the dose with a high speed jet, completely replacing the needle. This guarantees a complete absorption of the vaccine intramuscularly.

Obviously this new device it will add to the traditional needle syringe way. The Confort-in, thus the name of the device, was born in Korea, but was perfected in a Catania company, Gamatech, leader in Europe for the marketing of this device.

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Covid-19, it will be possible to carry out the vaccine with a syringe without a needle

The absence of gas, simplicity and total safety make the device ideal for any type of subcutaneous infusion. The device has already received numerous requests in other cities and regions as well. A sterile, disposable syringe capable of injecting the vaccine dose through a micro hole, which it projects the drug into the body in 100 milliseconds. In addition to these advantages, safety and speed, a further advantage: the immediate dispersion of the vaccine that is distributed in millions of droplets, for greater absorption.

The manufacturing company further stated that even though the production costs are slightly higher, there are obvious savings in terms of time and personnel. No risk of compensation for accidental punishment and additional costs arising from the disposal of “sharp and biting”.

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The initiative will be officially presented tomorrow morning in the Messina Fair Hub by the Covid emergency commissioner Alberto Firenze, by the acting general manager Asp Messina Dino Alagna and by Arturo Maravigna, head of the Gamastech company, who supplied the device for the which is exclusive for Europe.

Ph. Credit: Gamatech