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Covid-19: Pandemic children could have developmental problems

Covid-19: Pandemic children could have developmental problems

Since the beginning of the pandemic we all found ourselves carrying out life in our homes and many women also had to cope with pregnancy and the birth of your child under special restrictions. Precisely for greater protection, many parents have limited visits and approaches with external people and this can be a negative aspect regarding the development of children born in these conditions.

We know that the first few years of life are very important for brain development as babies need to interact with the outside world to thrive. The daily request to take care of work and family may not bring the right attention to the needs of the child. Two separate studies found that, compared to children born before the pandemic, the children showed delays in the development of socio-emotional and motor skills.

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Covid-19, developmental problems for pandemic children

One of the two studies started right during the pandemic and wanted to investigate whether babies born to mothers who had Covid-19 while pregnant showed developmental delays at six months. Although they found no differences in achieving development milestones, children born between March and December 2020 they scored lower than their pre-pandemic peers in terms of fine motor skills, gross motor and socio-emotional development. Furthermore, the researchers found no differences between children born before or during the pandemic for problem-solving and communication skills.

The second study, still under review, also found similar results; children born between 2020 and 2021 have achieved lower scores in motor skills and verbal cognitive development compared to peers born before the pandemic. The researchers are really baffled by these results, as they would have expected delays in language development and not motor development. Researchers they do not know what this means in the long term for a generation of over 2 million children born around the world during the pandemic and whether they can make up for lost time. Scientists have continued to track the babies born during the pandemic for the past six months and the downward trend continues.

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It is not the parents’ fault for the possible delay

Further studies have suggested that Parental stress during pregnancy and the baby’s early years can affect brain development. We know that children in this age group are like sponges and absorb both the deeds and the moods of their parents. If taking care of yourself can be impossible, that’s good focus on children, taking them for a walk, interacting with someone through a phone call, or even doing yoga with the child nearby, could be a great idea. The children, especially under one year, they really need routine, safety and protection. They need to know that they have someone, mom and dad, a grandfather, a daycare who they will respond to their emotional needs.

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It is important to remember that these developmental delays it’s not the parents’ fault. However, it is also feared that people will lean too much on the idea that children are resilient and recover.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay