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Covid-19: Google is integrating the vaccine card on Android

Covid-19: Google is integrating the vaccine card on Android

Google has updated its API Pass for allow you to easily and securely store and access Covid vaccination and test cards on Android devices. The feature will initially be rolled out in the United States and will rely on the support of healthcare professionals, local governments or other organizations authorized to distribute Covid-19 vaccines. It will show all the information about what type of vaccine we have been taking and for how long.

The digital card it can be saved both from the app and from the website of your doctor, but also through the sms and emails that have been sent to us. Once a user stores the digital version of the Covid Card on their device, they will be able to access it via a link on the device home screeneven when offline or in areas with weak internet service.

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Covid-19, Google integrates the digital card for vaccines on Android

According to Google the card you will not have access to our sensitive data if you do not see how many times you use the card and on which days. You also don’t have to download or use the Google Pay app to use your cards and save them. It was designed with privacy and security in mind. Your vaccination and Covid testing information is stored on your Android device. If a user wants to access this information on multiple devices, you will have to manually store them on each device.

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Users can choose to show their Covid Card to others. User information is not shared by Google and is not used for ad targeting. A lock screen is required to store a Covid Card on a device. This is for added security and to protect your personal information. You will be prompted for your password, pin or biometric method set for your Android device to access and view your digital card.

It’s good to see that Google is making it easier for people to save their vaccination status digitally on their phoneseven if you are actually able to use the function or not however, it will depend on your healthcare provider or the government.

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Ph. Credit: Android Authority