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Covid-19 and flu: a very dangerous combination

Covid-19 and flu: a very dangerous combination

Develop the COVID-19 it does not mean being protected from other viruses, such as those ofinfluence. According to new analyzes of patients in several hospitals, this particular combination turns out to be quite dangerous. There is talk of a greater chance of developing severe symptoms and in general a greater probability of dying; compared to other viruses the risk is very real.

This discovery is intended to be an alarm bell especially for health facilities that need to carry out more checks, especially with regard to influenza viruses, with obviously also the addition of the protections available against Covid-19, such as vaccines. In the numbers seen by the analysis, the risk of developing serious situations is about 4%; Data from 6965 hospitalized patients were analyzed.

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Covid-19 and flu

The words of the researchers behind the study:

“Over the past two years we have frequently seen patients with Covid-19 become seriously ill, sometimes leading to an intensive care admission and the use of an artificial ventilator to aid breathing. That a flu infection could give rise to a similar situation was already known, but less was understood about the outcomes of a double infection with SARS-CoV-2 and other respiratory viruses. We have found that the combination of Covid-19 and flu viruses is particularly dangerous. This will be important as many countries decrease the use of social distancing and restraint measures. We expect Covid-19 to circulate with the flu, increasing the possibility of co-infections. This is why we should change our testing strategy for Covid-19 patients in hospital and testing for influenza much more broadly. “