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Covid-19: a new strategy could reduce post vaccination fatigue


Covid-19: a new strategy could reduce post vaccination fatigue

A new study has suggested a possible new strategy capable of reducing post-vaccination fatigue Covid-19. Also doing experiments on laboratory mice they found that to find a new method of injecting the vaccine could alleviate side effects adverse events that arise.

These adverse effects can obviously affect people who have doubts about getting vaccinated, thus hindering the possibility of blocking the spread of the virus. However, the molecular basis of post-vaccination adverse effects are not entirely clear. To improve this understanding scientists have used blood samples to analyze a snapshot of each patient’s gene expression.

Covid-19, post vaccination fatigue could be reduced by a new strategy

The results of this analysis showed that people who experienced moderately severe fatigue after vaccination were more likely to have a increased base expression of genes related to T cell and natural killer cell activity, two types of key cells in the human immune system. In the same period the researchers developed two different strategies for injecting the Covid-19 vaccine into mice.

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Some of these pets have received an intramuscular injection of the vaccine, while others have received a subcutaneous one, in which the vaccine is injected just under the skin. After vaccination the mice that received the subcutaneous puncture showed immune system responses consistent with a lower likelihood of adverse effects such as fatigue. However, the subcutaneous injection it did not appear to compromise the protective effects of vaccination.

Further research will be needed to build on these findings and explore their clinical significance. However, improve understanding of post-vaccination fatigue and offer a potential strategy to reduce its likelihood. This study provides a first insight into the molecular basis of a side effect that many have experienced following mRNA vaccination. The researchers hope this discovery will spur more studies to fully understand the mechanisms behind vaccine-associated side effects and collectively contribute to the development of even more tolerable vaccines.

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Image by Angelo Esslinger from Pixabay