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Corsair releases the world’s fastest RAM modules

Corsair releases the world’s fastest RAM modules

Although MSI announced at CeBIT 2013 memories at the same speed, it is the first to put them on sale that can hold the title of the fastest memories in the world and in this case Corsair with its Vengeance Extreme has been the first to market memories at 3,000 MHz for the most enthusiastic. These DDR3 RAM modules operate at a voltage of 1.65, the maximum supported by current CPU memory controllers, and have been tested using Intel’s Z77 platform to achieve stable chips capable of reaching this speed. The minimum latencies required to operate at 3,000 Mhz are 12-14-14-36.

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As we said, this kit is intended for very enthusiastic people and is sold in a limited way in 8 GB kits consisting of two 4 GB modules with lifetime guarantees for a price of $750an amount that does not compensate in the least for the performance they can offer compared to other solutions at less MHz. That is if, as a product aimed at the most demanding, the Corsair Vengeance Extreme come standard with a Kingpin Cooling heatsink specific for extreme overclocking using liquid nitrogenjust in case the 3000 Mhz are not enough.

The only way to get hold of one of these modules is to purchase them directly from Corsair’s online store, since due to their low availability, and more than likely low demand, they will not be available in other stores.