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Corregidora will support PC and SSPM staff with housing


Corregidora will support PC and SSPM staff with housing

By Laura Valdelamar


The municipal president of Corregidora, Roberto Sosa Pichardo, led the ordinary session of the Cabildo where they unanimously approved the programs “Incentive for our Civil Protection and access to housing and improvement of housing conditions for the personnel of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat of Corregidora, as well as the operating guidelines for both.

Economic incentives of 50 thousand pesos will be granted, with the aim that they can acquire a home, a property or make improvements to their homes, in recognition of the work they do to care for, support and protect citizens.

Roberto Sosa Pichardo, on his occasion, stressed that he is clear about the commitment and responsibility of the Civil Protection and Public Security bodies, for the work they carry out throughout the year.

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“It seems to me that it is a great moment for this City Council, it is not only recognition, I am very clear about the commitment, the responsibility, the way of working that they do every day, throughout the year is, really, extremely important. They take care of us. I have my highest appreciation for their work, and for everything they do to take care of us.”

Making use of the voice, Omar Lugo Aguilar, director of municipal Civil Protection, pointed out that the approval of the support agreement for the direction he heads represents a motivation, that the City Council recognizes the work carried out by the staff, who continually faces risks.

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He said that the beneficiaries will be able to use this stimulus as help to acquire a home or improve it with the purchase of household items, construction material.

For her part, Caroline Lanestosa Oropeza, head of the Security Secretariat, indicated that the approved agreement seeks to provide financial support to fellow police officers so that they can access, either to down payment on a house or land, to give a subscription them, or buy necessary things for your home.