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Configure PC. Bay protocols for temporary shelters


Configure PC. Bay protocols for temporary shelters

June 25, 2022

Through a meeting with directors of all municipal agencies, Civil Protection and Firefighters of Bahía de Banderas, he reported that 22 temporary shelters and 5 meeting points have already been set up in the municipality for this rainy and hurricane season, distributed in nearby places. and safe. areas of risk zones in the mountainous area and the coast.

In addition to the fact that these will function as of this 2022 as shelter areas permanently established in the Civil Protection Plan of the municipality, for which there is a registry of establishments that can be transformed into temporary shelters.

The deputy director of the unit, Humberto Figueroa Esquivel, pointed out that the objective is to propose a guide that allows these shelters to be set up quickly in the event of any emergency caused by natural phenomena or others, and under specific care recommendations. and care to each of the hosts.

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He explained that step by step, this protocol sets the guidelines for the installation of the shelters, establishing an installation structure in which important points such as food, basic and essential services, security and medical services are foreseen.

“The guide marks the protocols of what Public Security, the DIF, Social Communication, Education must do to have a temporary shelter really as it should be; make the regulations, the operation, the feeding. All of this is very important and I think that each one has their task, ”she stressed.

He announced that said protocol will be presented on July 4, when the Municipal Civil Protection Council meets so that, together with the state and federal authorities, it is strengthened and approved.

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“Everything is already established and we only hope to have the municipal council of Civil Protection, so that they themselves give us, if there is data to update, it is done, it is updated and it is something much better formed,” he added.

Finally, he concluded that this will allow ordering and standardizing the actions of all those involved in this activity, since before it was done without a governing instrument that would provide comprehensive coverage for the needs of the displaced.