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Clubhouse finally on Android: here’s how to download the app

Clubhouse finally on Android: here’s how to download the app

And finally Clubhouse is also available for Android smartphones. It is still being released in an early beta. The idea in these first few weeks is to collect feedback from people and make improvements to the app.

As is known, in April 2020 it had arrived on iOS as an app that would transform the world of social networks. By now almost all platforms, from Twitter to Telegram, have similar functions and offer them on iOS and Android, something that Clubhouse, until now, could not offer. And we say “so far” because the company has officially released its Android app.

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In other words, Clubhouse can now be downloaded on any Android mobile from the Google Play Store. It should be noted that this is early access / beta, so it is possible that there are specific errors or that the experience is not optimal on all devices. Also, it is important to remember that downloading and installing it is not synonymous with access, since Clubhouse it is still a social network that can be accessed by invitation.

Clubhouse: Find out how to download to your Android phone

For download Clubhouse on Android we simply have to log into Google Play and download it to our smartphone. The application is very light, so in principle there should be no problems when installing on any terminal. Once installed, we can do two things, depending on whether we have been invited to participate previously or not.

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If we already have an account, that is, if someone has previously invited us and we have registered on the platform, we will have to simply enter our mobile number. The app will send us a four-digit code to verify our identity which we will have to enter. Once inside, the operation is similar to the iOS version.