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Clubhouse, a beta version is coming for Android devices

Clubhouse, a beta version is coming for Android devices

The social network Clubhouseone of the most popular in recent months for anyone who owns an iOS product, is finally bringing its application up Android, according to the company’s announcement in a recent post. There are some downsides to consider though, namely the beta is only available to US users, and just like with the iOS version of Clubhouse, it remains by invitation only for now. So, not everyone can download it, register and make the most of it.

However, the company should reconsider its strategy. The app surpassed 9.5 million downloads in February, but dropped to around 2.7 million in March and dropped to just 900,000 in April, according to analytics firm Sensor Tower, a very noticeable drop.

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Clubhouse arrives on Android?

In a recent post, Clubhouse said it plans to gradually roll out the Android version to other English-speaking markets and then to the rest of the world. For those outside of the US, you can pre-register to access the Clubhouse page in the Google Play Store to be notified when the app becomes available near you.

“Our plan in the coming weeks is to gather feedback from the community, fix any issues we see, and work to add some final features like payments and club creation before we roll out more broadly,” the company said.

Therefore, all that remains is to wait for further news on the matter, hoping it will arrive in our country in a very short time and that the social audio will be improved at 360 °, from the functionality, to the entry mode up to safety.