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Chromebook beats iPad and conquers US schools


Chromebook beats iPad and conquers US schools

THE Chromebook from Google have surpassed the iPad of the Apple and also the devices of Windows in US public schools. 53 percent of the devices in American schools are Chromebooks.

Google Chromebook US schools numbers

The diffusion of Chromebook of Google in US schools, in spite of Apple And Microsoft. This is what emerged from the recent survey conducted by Futuresource Consulting. Ben the 53 percent of the terminals sold to US schools are gods Chromebook. The company’s devices move back a lot Cupertino and the house of Redmond.

The percentage of Google in the last quarter of 2015 for the K-12 program, that is the project dedicated to the purchase of devices for the public education of elementary and middle schools, has reached the 53 percent.

They collapse Apple And Microsoft, especially if taken into consideration the last three years: the company ofiPhone has dropped since 52 to 24 percent while the Windows 10 company has dropped 43 to 24 percent.

The success of the products is truly remarkable Google that have touched the 4.4 million pieces out of a total of 8.9 million sold to schools in 2015 for the K-12 program.

Forrester’s analyst, JP Gownder, said he was “shocked” by the changes in numbers recorded in just three years.

The great success of the Big G devices is primarily due to very competitive price compared to competitors. In fact, they are enough 199 dollars to buy a Chromebook.

Another reason for preference are i Google software ready for the educational sector.

Finally being able to arrange everything in the cloud, with the advantage of drastically reducing the management and administration of machines: no backup and no installation.

About 50 million students use Apps for Education from Google, which makes it easy to submit assignments, collaborate on documents and perform searches. Computers come with school software, apps and content already approved by schools and therefore allow you to set up a connected class in just a few minutes.

Apple and Microsoft strategies

For years Cupertino it had managed to dominate the market but now everything has changed. Through the partnership with IBM, it now aims to win over teachers, thanks to an application that allows students’ performance to be examined in “real time”. However, no confirmation in this regard has yet been received from the two companies.

With regard to Microsoft has already decided to reduce the prices of its convertible notebooks below 300 dollars. However, we are still quite far from the Chromebooks.

As a curiosity, the spread of Chromebook in Italian schools it is equal to 9 per cent.

In conclusion, these are particularly interesting numbers and to which particular attention is paid by Google, Apple and Microsoft: they know very well that it is right in the schools that are formed i future consumers.