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Chrome OS could replace Android on tablets: confirmations from Google Pixel C

Chrome OS could replace Android on tablets: confirmations from Google Pixel C

Google’s objectives for this 2016 are multiple, ranging in different fields and sectors on which the neo-company Alphabet will operate with greater attention, yet among these there could also be an unexpected revolution for tablets with the launch of Chrome OS in place of Android.

Although this situation currently remains bound to the sphere of conjectures, in reality the signs that push this option are many and not least – to provide a certain robustness – there are also some innovations that have emerged on Pixel C, the 2-in-1 tablet license plate Google which in addition to representing the first proprietary hardware is proposed as an OS development tool as for the Nexus.

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Pixel C: a Chrome OS boot emerges, Android would have been just a fallback

Leaving aside the undisputed technical charm that the Google tablet is exercising on the market, with various qualities well analyzed by ours full review, what intrigued the world of developers instead it is the software core of the product in which a boot of heavily rooted Chrome OS.

To spread the news were some developers of XDA Developers, illustrating how theOS Google alternative to Android is not only present in a silent way but is above all strongly rooted in the tablet so as to make the green robot almost like a fallback solution that, months before the launch, many have advanced as ready to hand over to allow the Californian giant to give life to a ecosystem complete for mobile and computer.

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However, given the presence of the boot, this would not exclude the possible arrival of a major update capable of bringing out the potential of Chrome OS on Pixel C, opening the way to a small revolution expected as early as 2015 in the field of android tablet.

Android and Chrome OS: the merger denied, Google may soon think about the handover

The first indiscretions, in this sense, had been provided in unsuspecting times by the colleagues of Ars Technica assuming that among the choices of Google there could be a launch of Pixel C with the new operating system developed at home and not even randomly.

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If only a few months ago the Mountain View giant had categorically denied the hypothesis of a merger between Android and Chrome OS, labeling the choice of generating a single OS as viewed by competitors as impossible Apple and especially Microsoft, in reality this would not exclude the possibility that these statements meant a slow and progressive shutdown of Android. The limits of the green robot on the tablet side have been known for some time, both in terms of adaptation of theinterface for the large displays and for the quality of the apps, finding strong feedback on the need for a change of course in the market data at a loss compared to iOS and Windows 10.

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It is therefore not utopian to think how through Pixel C, Google may have planned the retirement of Android in favor of Chrome OS by exploiting the first hardware internally produced to favor the development of its operating system as done in its time, and still today, side smartphone with the green robot through the Nexus range. Source: FranAndroid