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Chrome, Google’s browser

Chrome, Google’s browser

Today Google has launched its browser to the world, the beginning of a complete platform for devices oriented to the pure and simple internet connection. But before these devices arrive, Google offers all PC users a simple browser but oriented to the execution of what is known as “cloud computing” where the applications that we use daily are executed stored on online servers.

This jump is undoubtedly important for Google since it marks the beginning of an open platform where they can give the support they want to their various online applications. It is based on Mozilla and Webkit but the truth is that already in this beta 2 version it acquires its own personality. It is also maintained within an open environment where anyone can develop or improve its code.

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It has interesting features such as its own download manager, safe browsing system, automatic bookmarks, interactive history, quick links to the last open applications and offline access to Google applications. It is a bet that will undoubtedly hurt Microsoft but that gives me the impression that it will end up doing more damage to other competitors such as Apple’s Safari, Opera or Firefox.

You can download the beta at this link.