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Chrome for Android: virtual reality support in January

Chrome for Android: virtual reality support in January

reUndoubtedly the virtual reality is attracting the attention of many hi-tech companies, especially in the video game and entertainment industry in general.

Chrome opens up to virtual reality

The bet is also Google, which after launching the Google Cardboard cardboard viewer and the ad hoc platform Daydream now introduces support for WebVRor web browsing in virtual reality.

The WebVR product manager, Megan Lindsay, during the Workshop on Web & Virtual Reality, announced that the implementation of the JavaScript API WebVR on Chrome for Android – which will be available on Google Play at January 2017 – preceded by a beta testing period.

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This means that to use virtual reality in Chrome on smartphones and tablets it will not be necessary to install a specific application, but you will be able to browse freely directly from the browser signed by Google. The WebVR JavaScript API allows you to browse sites that have virtual reality content with smartphones and tablets.

Currently only a browser allows the use of virtual content, and it is Samsung Internet Browser for the Gear VR headset. Also Firefox offers VR support, but is still entirely experimental. Another novelty concerns Shell VR, a function that will allow you to browse traditional websites in two dimensions as if they were contained in virtual reality.

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Not only Chrome: Microsoft also announced during the conference that its browser for Windows 10, Edgewill receive the implementation of the JavaScript API for virtual reality.