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Chrome 56 Android: all the news seen in Beta for users and developers

Chrome 56 Android: all the news seen in Beta for users and developers

Following the multi-platform release with the latest stable version of Google Chrome 55, we went further by introducing what, for Android users, is a Beta version that anticipates only some of what will potentially be the new features to be seen on board the stable revision of the new application. The Google team works hard to constantly improve his Chrome web browser and, adding new goodies for users and developers only proves commitment.

In particular, these are some interesting additions that concern the level of security with respect to the HTTP protocol linked to web pages in which the insertion of sensitive access credentials is required, such as sites where the details of a current account must be indicated. , a credit card or login to online payment services which, from now on, will be marked as Unsafe in the address bar itself, as potentially at risk of a MiM (Man-in-the-Middle ) or other type of malware.

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With the new Beta Chrome 56 Androidin fact, an improvement in a priori security countermeasures is previewed, which is also accompanied by simplified interaction with Bluetooth devices Android, ChromeOS and Mac, which will make possible a simplified linking towards printers but also on displays to LED and many other devices, simply through a slight remodeling of the Javascript code.

As if that were not enough, to all this there is also the possibility, provided to developers, to be able to count on special Remote Playback APIs for the implementation of audio control devices and multimedia systems and the webVR interaction to be realized through the specific API which, in this sense, will allow to increase interactivity with virtual reality platforms.

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Waiting for confirmation on these and further functions that we will certainly meet at the release of the final version of Chrome Android, we invite you to express your personal opinion on this matter. Is the Google browser your default web browser? Why do you prefer it over other mobile solutions? Let us know.

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