CES 2013. Lenovo Thinkpad Hélix and Yoga 11S

Among them, the spectacular Thinkpad Hélix for professionals on the move with a complete rotation system and extraction of its 11.6” screen, with 1080p resolution and multi-touch, where it hides the new low-power Intel S-series processors. quality, LTE connectivity, Intel vPro integration, NFC, etc. Allows multiple positions such as presentation mode, Tablet, etc. It is without a doubt one of the best professional offerings on the ultrabook market.

And for home users, a new 11” Yoga is launched. It is the Yoga 11S that replaces the Tegra3 processor with an ultra-low voltage Ivybridge, less than 10w, which significantly enhances the performance of this reduced 11” machine. It maintains its full screen rotation design and of course it will have multi-touch support for Windows 8.

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The Thinkpad Hélix will be released during the month of February at a recommended price of around 1,499 Euros (this will depend on the final configuration), while the Yoga 11S will have to wait until June and will have a recommended price of 799 Euros.