In a display of technological power, ASUS began with the ARES and MARS graphics cards, two limited, numbered and exclusive card models that generally have the most powerful chips of the moment two by two, the MARS with Nvidia chips and the ARES with AMD Radeon. . Their price and exclusivity mean that they are not graphics cards destined to achieve many sales, rather they are aimed at all those hardware enthusiasts who want to have something “different” or directly beat performance records.

At CES 2013 they have shown the second version of the ARES, the Ares IIa graph that inside houses two Tahiti XT2 chipsthose used in the 7970GHz edition, or what is the same, the most powerful monoGPU graphics on the AMD market with a speed of 1050 MHz that reaches 1100 MHz with Boost, the amount of memory is 6 GB GDDR5 at 6,600 MHz, with a 384 data bus bits for each chip. To power this beast requires 3 x 8-pin PCI-Express connectors that feed all 20 power phases.

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Cooling something like this requires an unconventional dissipation system, and for this reason we see that a cooling system has been chosen. liquid refrigeration dedicated solely to graphics, with a simple external 120mm radiator, with two adjustable fansand in case this does not arrive, another fan in the center of the graph It will help cool the whole. Together this allows the width of the card not to exceed the double PCI-E slot.

The price of the ARES II will be 1000 dollarsa high number, but somewhat smaller than the previous models of ARES and MARS, especially considering that it will be a limited edition of only 1,000 units worldwide.

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