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CertiDeal review: our test with an Apple iPhone 11

CertiDeal review: our test with an Apple iPhone 11

CertiDeal is an online store that deals with the sale of iPhoneiPad and Samsung guaranteed refurbished. A rapidly growing market, given the high price of the aforementioned products, for this reason we wanted to test the serviceto touch the quality first hand, and understand if really yes save? but above all what are the conditions of the products sold? let’s find out together!

CertiDeal: the company and what it offers

CertiDeal is a relatively recent company, born in 2015historical moment in which the two founders bought several smartphone and tablets to use to test some applications. Laure And Yoann they found themselves having to deal with a market that he was unable to offer high quality products at reduced prices, which is why they threw themselves headlong into the world of refurbished. The reception of non-compliant productshowever, they pushed them to deepen their journey in the reconditioning procedures, with the idea of ​​trying to offer the customer that quality that they themselves sought in the shopping experience.

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From here it was born CertiDeala site that deals with the resale of smartphone and tablet refurbished, all with warranty lasting for 24 monthsand certified by a team of specialists within the proprietary laboratory, the Certi-Lab. In stark contrast to other stores, CertiDeal does not act as an intermediary between the agent who reconditions the product and the buyer, personally guaranteeing the quality of the devices sold.

Not to be overlooked either standard successfully obtained, like ISO 14001 (environmental management) e R2: 2013 (electronic device recycling certification), a strong signal of the efforts for a environmental impact surely limited.

Prices, warranty and shipping

As anticipated, all the products you find on the site I am guaranteed for 24 monthswithin the Certi-Labexperts verify the aesthetic degree some products, even starting 30 tests different on as many control points, with the intention of proposing to the public the “like new” device.

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The company’s focus is on branded devices Apple And Samsungmainly smartphones, if not for the presence of iPad. Final sale prices vary in relation to the degree (or status) of the product itself; for the clearest possible relationship with the user, CertiDeal indicates it in a detailed and in-depth manner state of the product to be purchased, also indicating possible defects. For example, in the image you can see the difference of 90 euros between a Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB defined correct and one flawless. Just the “correct” presents visible scratches or bumps on the body, with one screen in fair condition (with scratches or micro-scratches visible both on and off); veering on the flawless, lo screen it is even defined like Newwith a body in perfect condition.

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So many details, with just under the full report of the expert on control points, which prevent to receive nasty surprises during the purchase phase, but which at the same time are accompanied by the guarantee Money Back Guarantee. In case the product were not of your liking, you can request the free return within 21 days from the date of receipt of the same.

During the purchase it will then be possible to add an extension warranty of 12 monthsor even 5 years (with a surcharge of 50 euros, for the aforementioned iPhone 12 Pro Max). Shipping is fully freewill be made by courier (therefore fully traceable), the times vary in relation to the selected product, but never exceed 7 working days.

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CertiDeal: our test with the iPhone 11

To better test the service, CertiDeal provided us with a Apple iPhone 11 (product RED), the delivery took place in a few days from the agreements. The packaging in which the device is delivered it is not the originalis a small branded cardboard box CertiDealinside which we find the smartphone stationary in the correct position, and in the lower compartment the accessories fundamental for its functioning.

Specifically, the clip to open the trolley of the SIM, the lighting cable and the wall power supply; everyone is completely newdo not present defects of any kind or negativity to report. Once the product has been “unpacked”, by depriving it of the film that protects it from transport, you can come into contact with it smartphone.

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The model offered to us is practically perfecthas no defects of any kind, not even small ones superficial scratches. The display is as good as new, all pixels light up correctly, with inputs received without difficulty. We have placed a strong focus on the frame and on the back cover (which, as you know, is in glossy glass); we must admit that we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product, for all intents and purposes it appears in Perfect conditionslike new, it wouldn’t look out of place even on an Apple store shelf with its original packaging.

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From a software point of view it is at the same time free from defectsour test will in any case also be divided into long termin order to provide you with one try again more detailed in a few months, to discover the estate of theApple iPhone 11 in not exactly short times. The first approach was excellent in any case.

CertiDeal: is it worth it?

The answer can only be positivethe savings are too evident to be overlooked, compared to the price list of the same period, in addition to the huge variety of products that can be purchased from official site. Our iPhone 11in the variant 64GBfor example, is sold starting with 339 eurosup to a maximum of 403 eurosdepending on the condition (tra correct, very good and flawless); a considerable saving, if you consider that nowadays it can be purchased in the store at approx 599 euros (on sale).

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CertiDeal and so reliable, and ready to meet all the needs of Apple and Samsung enthusiasts, intending to purchase new smartphones, with an increasingly lower price, without sacrificing quality. For more information connect here.

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Product quality

9.0 / 10


8.0 / 10


8.5 / 10

Shipping times

7.5 / 10