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Can you improve the quality of a video already recorded on Android?

Can you improve the quality of a video already recorded on Android?

Don’t worry, you can rest assured that you are not the only person who has recorded a video with their mobile camera and has not been satisfied with the result. Surely you will ask yourself: can the quality of a video already recorded on Android be improved? Well, read on and draw your own conclusions.

It is not a secret that the camera of many Android mobiles is somewhat poor compared to that of an iPhone. However, there are ways to improve the quality of the video regardless of how bad it got. Luckily, the Android universe is full of solutions for any situation you can imagine.

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How to improve the quality of a video already recorded on Android

The best way to improve the quality of a video already recorded on Android is through powerful editing applications. Google Play Store is full of them, but we collect only the most effective ones. Whichever option you choose, you can optimize that video you shot and didn’t like (without great editing skills). Download any of these alternatives, as the Android operating system so far does not offer a native way to enhance videos:


FilmoraGo is a popular and powerful editing app capable of improving the quality of recorded video on Android. This one has a wide range of color correctors and effects. Also, it allows you to add text, textures, background music and filters to your videos. FilmoraGo allows you to export at 1080P, this being its most prominent feature to help you optimize your videos. In addition, it is quite easy to use and in a matter of minutes you will have achieved your goal.

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Download FilmoraGo on Google Play Store


InShot is a video and photo editor that will allow you to enhance the videos recorded with your Android by adjusting the brightness, contrast, saturation of the video and more. To top it off, InShot gives you the ability to easily add music, text, and emoji, and make videos with cool effects and transitions. Of all the apps in this article, InShot may be the easiest and most intuitive.

Download InShot on Google Play Store


Snapseed, Google’s editing tool, is perhaps the best app for optimizing your photos. However, it also works perfectly to help you. to improve the quality of the videos that you have recorded with your Android and whose results have not been what you expected. The app has textured filters, tilt shift, red-eye reduction, and a long list of tools that will make the process easy and fun.

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Download Snapseed on Google Play Store

live video

Vivavideo is an application to easily edit videos from your Android device. Get great results with cool transition effects, edit videos with music and photos, crop videos for Instagram. The tool has professional video effects like Glitch effect, transition effects and much more. Export your videos in 720p, Full HD 1080p and 4K. Didn’t you like how the video you recorded with your Android turned out? Well, this application will help you improve its quality.

Download Vivavideo on Google Play Store


KineMaster is a video application for Android widely used by editing professionals. It has a multi-track timeline that allows you to drag and drop your videos, import multiple videos, and edit them in various ways. In addition, it has several filters and color adjustments to make your video stand out. Although it is used by professionals, it does not mean that it is difficult to use since its interface is very simple. Without a doubt, a perfect application for those who want to improve or retouch any video they have in their gallery.

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Download KineMaster on Google Play Store

video store

Another video enhancer app is Videoshop, one that has garnered a very good range of positive feedback from users. Videoshop features tools for professional video editing that take care of length, quality, layout, and composition. So it will be very efficient to enhance the videos recorded with your Android.

It is also necessary to highlight its lip sync tool that Instagram and TikTok lovers will love. The app also supports multiple layers at once, so some videos and photos can be played against the background of others to create amazing effects.

Download Videoshop on Google Play Store

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power director

A very powerful and nice app to enhance videos. PowerDirector is easy to use and will surprise you with its wide range of features. upload the video, choose the speed, color, text, images, music and make transitions between clips. A tool with great features for professional editing and a wide variety of filters to choose from. Of course, you should keep in mind that many of the best features are paid.

Download PowerDirector on Google Play Store

Lightricks Video Jump Editor

Videoleap is a photo editing app that is also effective in increasing the quality of your videos. This is achieved using a standard video editing process by applying filters, effects, converting the video, for example. It also allows you to change the resolution of the video when you export it.

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Convert your videos into various formats and thus increase their quality. Furthermore, Videoleap allows you to apply color correction to the video and significantly increase its quality.

When you are editing a video, you will be able to see the timeline at the bottom of the screen, which is very easy to manipulate. The overall design of the interface is quite nice and easy to use. Without a doubt, Videoleap is one of the best video editing apps for Android.

Download Videoleap editor by Lightricks on the Google Play Store

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