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Buy reconditioned iPhone 11 Pro: at the best price

Buy reconditioned iPhone 11 Pro: at the best price

Apple phones are expensive. It is a fact and although they are not the only ones and the price can be considered fair, the truth is that it represents a significant outlay. That is why buying an iPhone cheaper than its original price is always an option to study. Precisely in this article we will tell you how you can save good money when buying the most TOP models of the Californian brand, since they can be purchased for much less than they cost in an Apple Store.

The best iPhone at the best price

1,159 euros and 1,259 euros are the starting prices of the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max respectively, but what would you say if we told you that it is possible to buy them from 829 euros Well, it is true and there is no catch. You just have to know that they are iPhone reconditioned by Amazon, which are practically new since its most important components have been restored and it has been verified that they do not have any type of visual damage on their chassis. They also pass performance tests that guarantee their good operation. At the time of writing this article we can find the following prices.

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We insist on emphasizing that they are not actually one hundred percent new devices, but despite this they have a great price, especially if we take into account that they are not second-hand devices like those you can find on sale portals between individuals. They also have a one-year warranty, which is something to keep in mind because it provides reassurance in knowing that a potential unexpected problem will be covered immediately.

We recall that these devices have the latest generation Apple components, such as its powerful A13 Bionic processor, its impressive OLED screen with an enviable brightness, triple rear camera or a battery that guarantees autonomy for more than a day, being the ‘Max’ model one of the best on the market in this section. Therefore, if you were looking for one of these terminals, possibly buying a reconditioned one at this time is the best option to save money.