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Best Secure Password Managers

Best Secure Password Managers

Your passwords in a safe place

Most websites require a login with username and password. The bank page to view your accounts, shopping websites with payment information and addresses, your personal email, etc. For added security, it is recommended don’t always use the same password, but this makes it difficult to memorize each and every one of them, since they are usually a multitude of sites where we are registered. For this you can use a password manager and store them all, let’s see what they are Best Secure Password Managers.

A Password Manager allows store usernames and passwords of each site in which we are registered. It not only works for websites, but can also store app passwords or other passwords that we can add by hand, for example, that of our router. In this way it is very useful to be able to use hard-to-crack alphanumeric passwordsalthough they are more complicated to remember, this the password manager will do it for us.

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There are applications that are password managers, although there are also embedded in web browsers. Those integrated into web browsers they are very comfortable at the time of auto filling passwords when we are visiting web pages. Password Managers in the form of an application can also store other types of passwords that are not for web pages, but we will have to install the app either on our mobile phone or on the PC.

Let’s look at some examples.

Password managers built into browsers

Most of the time we will need to remember usernames and passwords on web pages. It is very comfortable to get to a website and without having to remember the username or password to be able to access, even without having to write it. This is why the most used browsers now integrate a password managera very comfortable option to simply get to the website and have your username and password appear directly to access your account.

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The most common browsers used by PC users already include a password manager. In Google Chrome you will simply have to sign in with your Gmail account To access this service, if you have synchronized the data with other devices, it does not matter which one you are on, the username and password are auto will fill and you will be able to immediately access the account of that website.

It also integrates a manager Firefox, Safari (integrated with macOS) Opera or Microsoft Edge. Its operation is similar, you will have to log in with your user in the browser you use regularly and he will only take care of save and autocomplete the necessary data.

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But there are also applications that, in addition to saving website passwords, allow us to save passwords from other applications. Let’s look at some of the most used.

The most used password managers

There are plenty of password managers available, but we’ll take a look at some of the most used and best rated by users.


It was of the first password managers and one of the most famous. 1Password It allows you to save the passwords of websites and applications on your phone or even on your PC. He takes care of reminding you to save the new passwords or even will suggest some safe options which will also store. There is a plugin for browsers so you can autocomplete website users and passwords.

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It works with a subscription system in which you will have to pay per month of use or save if you pay in annual installments. It has multiple subscriptions that will undoubtedly adapt to your needs.

LastPass Authenticator

The operation between all of them is very similar, the difference with Lastpass is that it has a free version which includes basic functions. Between them we find that has no limit of stored passwords, access from a single device, save and autofill, share with one person, login without passwords and password generator.

to these functions we can add others such as access from multiple devices or encrypted cloud storage for a small amount per month, which will be cheaper if we pay for a year. This password manager with a free option also has an application for our mobile and has a 30-day trial of the premium version.

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This password manager, keeper, has a very good score in the mobile app stores, both on iOS and Android. Includes services of access to remote resources, single sign-on, SSH key management, session management, etc.. Very useful if you manage different resources or for system administrators, although it is also valid for personal use.

Just like 1Password works with a subscription model very low monthly cost that we can reduce if we make the payment annually. It includes discounts for different sectorssuch as 50% for students or 30% for security and health forces.


Another password manager that also offers a free solution for personal use is roboform. This manager allows you to use it on different platforms, but does not allow synchronization of passwords in the free version. For this and many other functions you will have to purchase the Everywhere version with a small annual cost.

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In the free version we can get 256 bit encryptioncross-platform use, password audit and unlimited password storage among other features. The paid version also adds synchronization between devices, online account access and backups to the server, among others.

Bitwarden Password Manager

The password manager Bitwarden Password Manager is free for personal use and is also Open Source. Among the options included in its free version are 256 bit encryption, transparent open source, synchronization between devices and community support. Unfortunately the web and the documentation it’s in englishalthough the mobile application is in Spanish.

Keep your passwords safe

With a password manager you will forget about the security of your websites and applications. With just a master password and/or biometric methods of authentication you will be able to access all the accounts you want simply by accessing the website or starting the application, the password manager will take care of it to fill in the necessary data for you. Some even offer immediate login.

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If you do not make intensive use of this application you can opt for a free one. But if you really need to manage a multitude of passwords and no matter what device or place you do it from you must choose a payment option that offers synchronization and copy in the cloud. You also have the option of manage multiple users with the family plan that is cheaper (per user) than the individual payment option.

Most offer facilities like extensions for browsers or even auto fill in applications. They also allow you to import or export the data in case you want to change from one to another. You just have to adapt in utilities (and in price) to your needs.