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Best IRC Clients for Windows and Linux

Best IRC Clients for Windows and Linux

Despite the rise of WhatsApp, Kik and other chat apps, IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is still going strong. The protocol is decades old and only an article, but it still has a space in our conscience and on our desks. Who are the top IRC users for Windows and Linux?

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To use IRC chat, you need an IRC client. These are simple terminal-style windows that allow you to choose IRC chat channels and compose chats. The huge central window will display the thread as it takes place, just like the usernames of other individuals in the exact same chat room. It is a very basic work platform but it should not be anything else.

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IRC users for Windows and Linux

Windows 10 has an optimal number of supported IRC users. Linux also does it. As always, some are better than others. Here are some IRC users for Windows and Linux that are worth your time.


mIRC is among the oldest and most established IRC users on the Internet. It works with the operating system of Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP and has an acceptable proportion of peculiarities. We are talking about a small installation that takes only a few seconds to download and also install. Once opened, you will see a quick notice and then you must enter a nickname and an email address attached with the data from your chat server.

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Once this is done, you will be ready to message. mIRC also comes with certain chat servers now installed if you just want to hang out. Apart from chat, mIRC also makes it easy to transfer files, alerts, scripts and considerably more. For such an old and small program it is with the capacity of quite a lot. If you want to endorse mIRC, you can remove the notice for a one-time fee of $ 20.

mIRC only works with the Windows operating system.


AdiIRC is another good IRC client that works well on Windows 10. It is not as finished as the mIRC and it does not look as good but it works well. It can also be started with the Windows operating system if you are a recurring user. This is another little downloader and installation program. It can be supported with a notice or it can be supported with a donation.

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The design is very straightforward and simple to use. You can search or search for channels or add your server. You can also open many channels, whether in windows or in exactly the same window. There is also a spell check feature although no one I’ve seen on IRC bothers with one of those!

AdiIRC works on both Windows and Linux.


I have never used HexChat but it was suggested by a coder friend who uses it all the time. It’s super easy with a crystal clear user work platform. The channels can be organized in small tabs and individuals and the lists can be hidden or moved according to your options. There are many themes and changes that you can make while you are on the go.

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Again, the design is super simple and you will be up and running in less than a minute. There are multiple language settings, script support, automatic connection for regular dialogs, and many other functionalities. In contrast to mIRC, HexChat is free to use anytime you want, but donations are always welcome.

HexChat works on both Windows and Linux.


HexChat is built on top of XChat so it is only fair that we also include the original. It is a very simple IRC client for Windows and Linux that looks and feels very similar to the others on the list. It is a small download and the light on the elements of the PC, however, it has each and every one of the chat peculiarities that it manages to require. Easy organization, organized channels, configurable user work platform, themes, languages ​​and more.

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XChat has advance script support if that’s your thing. Works with Perl, Python, Tcl, Ruby, C ++, and ECMAScript Scheme. XChat costs $ 20 after a 30-day free trial, so you really need to like it more than HexChat to use it.

XChat works on both Windows and Linux.


IceChat The Chat cool people use. If cheesy doesn’t put you off, the IRC client is pretty cool. It has most of the functionality you would expect, chat, channel tabs, themes, customizations, and script support. It doesn’t look as 8-bit as certain of these others, but it’s not exactly the ultimate in flat design either. However, function trumps manner.

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IceChat is simple to use and works with plugins that have the ability to add everything from Twitter feeds to Google plus searches and an extensive selection of other functionalities. So while the core of the chat is very capable, there is also room to enlarge the interesting with other things. It is also free, with no warnings or restrictions.

IceChat only works with the Windows operating system.


WeeChat is small if you are Scottish or well related to urination if you are English. If you’re American, WeeChat is a solid little IRC chat client for Linux and Mac. It works with Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Unix, GNU Hard, and Mac OS X, so it’s going to be a huge asset. It also supports scripting, multiple languages, IPv6 and many other peculiarities.

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WeeChat is another chat client that starts out simply and then can be transformed into something considerably more through the use of plugins. There are an optimal number of and most have acceptable documentation to support them.

WeeChat works on both Linux and Mac OS.


HydraIRC is another IRC client that was suggested by someone I know. It is an IRC client for various platforms that works on Windows and Linux and supports plugins and other peculiarities. From which I can mention, HydraIRC is not created at the moment, but the source code that exists is usable online.

HydraIRC looks super easy with channel tabs, lots of configuration settings, customizations, and themes. Beyond that at the moment it is not being built, it is seen that it works well.

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HydraIRC only works with the Windows operating system.

There are seven IRC users for Windows and Linux on this list and they all seem to meet the core requirements. Be small, simple to use, customizable and simple to live with. If you want to join the IRC either you must join one to work or play, at least at this time you have certain settings for users who work.

Do you have any suggestions for IRC users for Windows and Linux? Tell us about below if you do!