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BCR launches electronic wallet for Android devices

BCR launches electronic wallet for Android devices

Available for Visa and Mastercard cardholders with Android devices that have NFC technology

The Bank of Costa Rica (BCR) makes available to its customers the “Beep” electronic wallet for Android devices, which allows them to make purchases with the entity’s Visa and Mastercard cards from a mobile device, safely and quickly, without need to carry cash or hand over the card.

To use Beep, customers must have access to the bcr mobile application, be the holder of a BCR debit or credit card, have a mobile phone with an Android operating system and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, and use Google services ( MSG).

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NFC technology is a functionality that allows short-distance communication between two electronic devices wirelessly, in this case between the mobile, dataphone or other device that receives the payment.

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“Security is a transcendental factor for the BCR, so when the client performs the card digitization process, the system asks for the security mechanism that is active for the app, whether it is a dynamic password or facial biometrics”, stated Guillermo Gayle Monge , Manager of Means of Payment of the BCR.

In addition to the above, when customers use Beep, tokenization is automatically activated, which is the technology that replaces the sensitive information of the card number with a unique digital identifier, which allows purchases to be made without exposing the real number of the card. card.

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As for the payment process for purchases using an electronic wallet, it is fast and secure. Customers only have to access “Beep” from the BCR Mobile App, enter the confidential PIN for entering the wallet (created during the digitization process of their cards), choose the card with which they wish to cancel and bring their phone closer to the place payment terminal for contactless payment.

Gayle added: “Beep is the Bank’s second electronic wallet launch, since last November we made available Apple Pay, the digital payment method for customers with iPhone and Apple Watch devices. With these actions, the BCR ratifies its commitment to continue transforming itself into a digital company that provides agile and secure financial services”.

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More information about the beep

To learn about the process of digitizing the cards in «Beep», customers can see the tutorial published on the BCR’s YouTube channel.

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