Bandai Namco releases Cyberpunk 2077 in Europe

The European publisher of Cyberpunk 2077 has been announced, Tony Hawk has released a new mobile game and the packs that you can unlock in the Spider-Man DLC have been shown for the first time. That and more in the new Night Watch.

Today sawmans come by to cut the week in half again, olé! Before that, the Guard will treat you to a brand new Night Watch.

Bandai Namco releases Cyberpunk 2077 in Europe

Like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Bandai Namco is also releasing Cyberpunk 2077 in Europe. The European distribution of CD Projekt Red’s predecessor game seems to have pleased, as Bandai Namco will release Cyberpunk in 24 European countries. This includes Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy and of course our own Netherlands.

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Unfortunately, it is still not clear when we can expect Cyberpunk 2077 in the shops. De Wacht is hoping for next year in any case. The game is scheduled for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In the US, Cyberpunk 2077 will be released by Warner Bros. Interactive. Are you already so excited about this futuristic action RPG?

Ah, so that’s how Soulcalibur works!

A new trailer for Soulcalibur VI explains exactly how the gameplay of the fighting series works. None other than Mark Julio (from the EVO tournament) provides the narrative. He tells about the movements you make in the game and the different techniques, such as soul charge and critical edge.

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If you want to know more about the history of this brutal game series, read this PU article. Soulcalibur VI will be released this Friday for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Alan Wake and Max Payne’s voice actors are also featured in Remedy’s new game

One of the strengths of Remedy’s games is the excellent acting. The voice actors of characters Max Payne and Alan Wake will at least return in Remedy’s upcoming game, Control.

James McCaffrey (the man behind Payne’s voice) plays Zachariah Trench, the former boss of the Federal Bureau of Control. Matthew Porretta (voiced by Alan Wake) is Dr. Casper Darling. The main character in Control, Jesse Faden, is voiced by Courtney Hope, who previously voiced Beth on Quantum Break. So Remedy loves to use previously proven talent!

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In Control you play the new director of an agency that has been infiltrated by something alien. The game should be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime next year. Do you fancy a new Remedy game?

Tony Hawk is working on a mobile skate game

Yes, skategod Hawk is back in a new game, but it is a mobile game. On Instagram was a screnshot of the Warehouse level from the first Tony Hawk game. Tony Hawk himself surprisingly reacted under this photo and in one of his comments he reports that a new mobile game will be released soon. More about this should be announced soon.

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Earlier this year it was announced that the Dutch developer RageSquid wants to work on a skateboard game together with Tony Hawk. It is not known if this is the project Hawk is talking about right now, but let’s hope so!

YouTuber combines Super Mario Bros. with Super Mario 64Bandai Namco releases Cyberpunk 2077 in Europe

YouTuber Kaze Emanuar combines the graphics of Super Mario 64 with the level design of Super Mario Bros. for a strange, but not unattractive combination. His version is called ‘Super Mario Bros. 64 ‘and you can see what that looks like in the video below. By the way, Mario takes the moves from SM64 with him.

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Emanuar is certainly no stranger to combining games. He has previously placed Bowsette in Super Mario 64 and also combined Fortnite in Super Mario 64. Hmm, the Guard recognizes a pattern … he is probably a big fan of the N64 game!

This weird combination must be released sometime soon … if only the question is how long Nintendo Super Mario Bros. 64 online let alone.

These are the packs included in the first Spider-Man expansion

The Spider-Man suits you can unlock in the upcoming first DLC for Spider-Man, called The Heist, are known. The Heist is the first part in a trilogy of DLC called The City that Never Sleeps.

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In this first expansion, players can unlock the Resilient Suit (designed by Marvel’s Gabriele Dell’Otto), the Spider-Man suit from Scarlet Spider 2 and the Spider-UK suit from the Spider-Verse. Below you can see the packages.

Spider-Man will compete against Black Cat in the expansions. That was of course already hinted at in the game itself. The Heist will be released on October 23. The second and third expansions will be released in November and December. Incidentally, just before the first DLC, a free update should also be released that adds a New Game + mode. Can you keep swinging!

Play the Crysis games on Xbox One now

It used to be quite a job getting Crysis up and running on a PC (and even with today’s powerhouses it doesn’t always work well), but from now on you can also play Crysis (and parts 2 and 3) on your Xbox One via backwards compatibility.

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Major Nelson announced on Twitter that the three games are now playable on Xbox One. If you still have the original X360 discs, all you have to do is put them in your Xbox One, but you can of course also go to the Xbox Store to purchase them.

Bandai Namco releases Cyberpunk 2077 in Europe

Red Dead Redemption 2 is 89.2 GB on PSN

What if you don’t physically make it to Red Dead Redemption 2, but buy it from PlayStation Store? Then get ready for a long wait. The game is 89.2 GB on PSN, as shown in the photo below.

Which makes the Guard start to wonder … would RDR 2 physically come on two disks? Would it be real? We’ll find out soon enough, because next Friday the game is finally out for PS4 and Xbox One! And with that, the Guard blows out this Night Watch!

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