Backlash: Xbox One’s PS4 Impersonation Gets Better With Kinect Investment

Microsoft successfully completed its transformation of the Xbox One into the PlayStation 4 today, announcing that the system will soon ship without a Kinect camera included. This likely represents the latest change in a multitude of ways backwards, and the decision has presumably been made in response to the device’s disappointing sales figures, which have seen it fall behind Sony’s system in recent months. As of April 1, the Redmond-based company had shipped five million units, while its Japanese sparring partner had sold seven million units, which is much more impressive. That gap has almost certainly grown even larger over the past month.

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However, before we delve into any analysis, what exactly does the latest analysis from the Redmond-based organization imply? The company is framing it as a move to offer “more choice” to consumers, but it’s clear its focus on controller-less gaming has fallen on deaf ears. As such, a separate model without the controversial camera will be sold alongside the existing package for €349.99/$399.99. The launch will take place on June 9, while a separate Kinect will be available later this year. The fact that it won’t be on shelves day and date with this new package strikes us as odd, and perhaps indicates that – regardless of its comments to the contrary – it’s considering ditching the peripheral.

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The Xbox One has abandoned its original vision at this point, and has simply reinvented itself as a less powerful green-branded PS4.

Most importantly, the move puts the platform on par with PS4 prices. This is the second official cost cut the Windows maker has made this year, with the system’s price tag having previously been slashed in the UK shortly before Titanfall’s release. Despite this, and countless promotions from retailers around the world, the console couldn’t keep up with Sony’s system, even falling behind the Japanese giant’s format in North America during its launch month. most anticipated game This latest reduction should once again accentuate the rivalry in the format war, since both companies will be forced to fight on equal terms.

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However, while we can appreciate the quick response from the Microsoft management team, we can’t help but feel that this relentless hacking and changing of flags is a complete lack of direction within the Xbox division. In addition to the removal of the Kinect, the company also announced enhancements to its “Games with Gold” program, which borrows features from PlayStation Plus while freeing up entertainment apps like Netflix from behind the wall. xbox live payment These are all necessary adjustments that I should have made eons ago, but they all feel reactionary rather than revolutionary; The Xbox One has abandoned its original vision at this point, and has simply reinvented itself as, well, a less powerful PS4 with a green branding. Even with our inherent bias to the sidelines, we’re not entirely sure what sets it apart.

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Sony is leading the way, and while Microsoft is desperately trying to catch the PS4 stream, it still has a lot of ground to cover.

And that’s something Microsoft will have to prove at E3 next month, as while this bridges the gap between the two consoles once again, we still feel like Sony is in control. Make no mistake, the Japanese giant is going to struggle to remain completely dominant in the UK and North America once this change takes place, but it’s not going to massively alter the manufacturer’s momentum at all, especially given the way the schedule is going. release has been shaken. Consumers will still have to choose, of course, but with the news that the PS4’s superior hardware is widespread, we can’t see it suddenly being left behind at the same price point.

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However, even if it does, it’s still clear that Sony has all the cards. Back at last year’s E3, when everyone expected the next-gen battle to be clearly more even, group president Andrew House admitted that he had designed the console to be able to compete on price much faster than its format. previous. It took years for the PlayStation 3 to reach a favorable selling price compared to the Xbox 360, but there’s a feeling that – even with Sony’s financial misfortune as a whole – it could afford to undercut the Xbox One’s new comparative price. in case it was necessary. Given the way sales are being tracked, that’s unlikely to happen, but the option seems to be there.

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Come what may, we’re sure Sony executives will remind one another that imitation is the greatest form of flattery, as it soaks up today’s news in its various offices around the world. The platform holder has not only forced Microsoft to change its stance on used games, but also made it reconsider its self-publishing policies, and is now heavily armed to change the direction of its entire box. This shows that the Japanese giant is blazing the right trail, and while the Redmond-based manufacturer is desperately trying to get its device into the PS4 stream, it still has a lot of ground to cover before it comes close to catching up.

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What do you think of Microsoft’s latest investment in Xbox One? Do you think the system has lost its identity without the included Kinect camera? Are you tempted to buy one of the platforms now that it has a lower price?