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AVM FRITZ! Box 4060 review: the new fiber optic router

AVM FRITZ! Box 4060 review: the new fiber optic router

FRITZ! Box 4060 AX is the new router launched by AVM compatible with WiFi 6, the latest generation protocol, and designed for all users with a connection to optic fiber, in addition to full compatibility with classic ADSL. On sale at a list price just over 200 euros, the product has recently arrived on the market. Let’s find out together in ours review complete.

Aesthetics and Design

Aesthetically, the product changes a lot compared to the normal FRITZ! Boxes that we reviewed here on Focustech, it is entirely made of white plastic, with no red inserts except around the Connect button, with good quality materials, which appear more resistant to the touch than we are used to seeing. The stand allows its placement in verticalundoubtedly going to occupy less space on the countertop, without disfiguring even in a trendy home.

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The status and operation LEDs are positioned on the front surface, with the Connect button to speed up the connection of other devices. The dimensions are contained overall, as it reaches 81 x 210 x 170mmand a maximum absorbed power of 11 watts (as it does not integrate a rechargeable battery).

In the back, on the other hand, there is the physical connectivityrepresented by 3 gigabit LANone 2.5 gigabit WAN and one USB 3.0, to be used for external memories, printers or mobile radio key. Not to be overlooked, like most of the AVM products, is the DECT base integrated for 6 cordless phones.

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Hardware and Operating System

The FRITZ! Box 4060 AX is router three-band, compatible with any provider or type of connection, be it fiber or ADSLand can support the WiFi 6 dual band, divided into 2400 + 2400 Mbit / s to 5GHz And 1200 Mbit / s at 2.4GHz, thus managing to reach a total bandwidth, grossfrom 6000Mbit / s.

All these specifications make it perfectly capable of withstanding the fiber of the latest generation, also taking advantage of technology 4 × 4 MIMO multi-useras well as three radio units (tri-band), for better management of flows and requests from connected devices. Important improvements, compared for example to a FRITZ! Box 7530 AX, which stops at 2X2 MIMO or simultaneous dual-band. There is no shortage of classic functions, in addition to the DECT base, which aim to expand the possibilities of use, transforming it into a multimedia center, to which you can connect to stream content sent from the key connected to the USB port.

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Finally, do not forget the full compatibility with the Mesh WiFi network of AVM, which allows you to connect multiple products from the same company, in the creation of a single large WiFi network spread across multiple environments.

The whole product is handled perfectly by the Fritz! OS, updated to version 07.28, admired and praised several times, for its great versatility. On the one hand, transform the FRITZ! Box 4060 AX in a plug & play device, which does not require any changes to the settings, on the other hand it allows one deep customization for the most demanding users. Among the changes that can be made we point out the management of channels, the possibility of creating one guest networkthe programming of operating times, the block the connection of some devices or telephone numbers, to finish with the management of energy consumption. These are just someone of the many editable options.

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In terms of performance we could not hope better, the signal is spread perfectly even through very thick walls, or between various floors of the same house. As usual, the advice is to think of an AVM repeater, in case the area to be covered is greater than 100 square meters.

FRITZ! Box 4060: conclusions

In conclusion FRITZ! Box 4060 AX is unquestionably one of the best wireless routers in circulation, finally improved also from an aesthetic point of view, and embellished with a series of technologies really interesting latest generation. WiFi 6 compatibility, and such a large bandwidth, are its points of strength, ensuring reliability and connection speed even with multiple accesses from multiple devices. The only drawback? perhaps the price, almost 240 euros that’s a lot for a modem, but we can assure you it’s worth every single penny.

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FRITZ! Box 4060

234 euros


Aesthetics and Design

8.0 / 10

Signal range

8.0 / 10

Functions and experience of use

9.0 / 10

Operating system

8.5 / 10


7.5 / 10



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