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Avatars are coming to WhatsApp

Avatars are coming to WhatsApp

The future of WhatsApp is full of interesting news and features. According to what was discovered by the known WABetaInfo in one of the latest beta of WhatsApp for Android, Zuckerberg’s company is said to be working on a staff Avatar system to be used within the app. How will it all work?

It seems that the company has been working on it for a few months already. Now, the arrival has been confirmed by a clue unearthed in the beta of the app for Android devices. Users will soon be able to have their own WhatsApp Avatar and use it for various purposes. Here’s what we know about it.

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WhatsApp: using Avatars in chats and video calls will soon be possible

What to which Zuckerberg’s company is inspiring, they are Avatar systems already on the market, like Apple’s Memoji or Bitmoji. The aim is to propose a personal avatar within the messaging app that users can customize to their liking and use in different contexts. The clue unearthed within the beta reveals one of the possible uses. Apparently, users will be able to use Avatars during video calls. There will be, in practice, a specific button, during video calls, which will allow the Avatar to appear instead of the user. This will perfectly mimic all facial expressions for the most realistic interaction possible. But it doesn’t stop there, Avatars can also be sent in chats as emojis.

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Personalization will be one of the more fun parts of the process. It appears, in fact, that the company will introduce a whole new section within the app dedicated to the personalization of your Avatar. The system, as already mentioned, is still under development. It will therefore take some time before we see him arrive on the pitch. What is certain is that it will not be an Android exclusive, but will also be offered to iPhone owners. Look forward to any updates in this regard.