ASUS O!Play AIR is now official

One of the most critically acclaimed and published media players without a hard drive in recent months is the Asus O! Play. A device that without a hard drive allows us to access content stored on USB devices, External SATA and also through the local network through an Ethernet port.

In this version, called R3, the potential is expanded with two features long awaited by users such as Wi-Fi-N connectivity and the multi-format card reader that will make life much easier for photography lovers.

The O!play offers us the ease of accessing content from our network and also from the Internet only by means of a remote control and without having to store content on the device. It is capable of playing any modern video format and its connectivity is excellent thanks to its HDMI 1.3, which makes it the ideal companion for any self-respecting home theater equipment.

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This new model integrates Wi-Fi N with a maximum transfer speed of up to 600mbps, which guarantees, in most cases, the possibility of playing 1080p video over a wireless network, including formats as widespread as MKV.

Asus also promises progressive improvements in the functionality of this range of devices that have been so popular since their recent appearance on the market. The price of the new model is €150.