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Asus may soon acquire HTC

Asus may soon acquire HTC

Over the past few days, HTC’s share value has plummeted, a sign that current investors don’t have much confidence in the Taiwanese giant’s products. This is undoubtedly a big blow to the company but through some developments, it could turn into a big investment for another big high tech company: Asus. It would be something really sensational but, according to what was declared by the CFO David Changnot entirely to be excluded.

In fact, during one of the many internal meetings held by Asus, it was also discussed the possible acquisition of HTC. From a financial point of view, there would be no better time to join the management since, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, HTC has recently suffered a major stock crash. However, it remains to be seen what Asus can add to its market by investing in HTC. For example, we do not know which patents filed by HTC Asus could use, or which processing techniques. We tend to exclude the visibility of the brand as, in our opinion, Asus is much better known than HTC, especially because it operates in different technology markets (storage, smartphones, computers, etc.).

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Speaking of numbers, according to what reported by Reuters HTC’s current market value is approximately $ 2 billion. Considering that just 4 years ago the value was around 33.8 billion dollars, you can clearly understand the financial meltdown in this last period. At the moment, however, there is nothing concrete, so we invite you to take everything with a grain of salt.

The rumors about the acquisition of a large company like HTC follow those of a few weeks ago regarding BlackBerry and the involvement of Microsoft | Microsoft ready to shell out 7 billion to acquire BlackBerry |. We are living in a period of great rivalry and now, as never before, the saying “The biggest fish eats the smallest fish” is valid.

We will certainly come back to the subject in case there is any additional information, as this is a potential major worldwide acquisition.