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Ask the PC to follow recommendations when temperatures drop


Ask the PC to follow recommendations when temperatures drop

MORELIA, Mich., December 22, 2021.- Given the presence of cold to very cold temperatures during this day, the Government Secretariat through the State Civil Protection Coordination makes useful recommendations available to the population to pay for culture of self-care.

According to a press release, the forecast for the entity provided this day by the National Meteorological Service (SMN); the entry of moisture from the Pacific Ocean and an anticyclonic system in the middle levels of the atmosphere will cause a decrease in precipitation in the state and will maintain cold to very cold temperatures with morning frosts.

For this reason, the recommendations issued by Civil Protection are reiterated to be followed if necessary in the cold:

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• Stay informed by the official media of weather forecasts and especially if an alert is issued due to the arrival or presence of a cold front.
• Inform the competent authorities about the existence of vulnerable groups or people (children, the elderly, the sick, people with disabilities, people living on the streets, homeless people, among others), for their corresponding attention.
• Get vaccinated against seasonal influenza, to strengthen the defenses.
• Consume fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins A and C (citrus fruits are indicated and especially those in season).
• Stay inside and try to go out only as much as necessary.
• Wear warm clothing, protect your face and head, cover your mouth and nose, preventing cold air from entering the lungs.
• Use enough blankets or blankets at night and especially at dawn, when the temperature drops the most.
• Include in the daily diet foods rich in carbohydrates that provide energy, such as: bread, fats, sweets, chocolates, etc. In order to increase its ability to resist cold.
• Make sure that gas, electric, and coal stoves are away from curtains and that there is adequate ventilation in the room.
• Keep minors away from stoves, heaters and/or braziers.
• Adults in their prime, as well as patients with heart or respiratory conditions, should not go outside for any reason, as the cold puts extra stress and risks health complications. .
• When leaving a warm place, cover your mouth and nose to avoid breathing cold air: sudden changes can make the respiratory system sick.