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Artlii Play review: a great smart projector with Android TV

Artlii Play review: a great smart projector with Android TV

Artlii Play is a ‘portable’ projector smartthanks to the presence of the operating system Android TVand its ability to enjoy all downloadable applications from the Play Storeas well as the features related to the integrated Google Chromecast, especially in terms of content transmission.

Aesthetically, the product is made entirely of plastic in two different colors, one plastic opaque that it does not retain fingerprints (nor gets dirty easily) and that It does not appear be of low quality, although it is equally not too robust. The size are relatively small, actually reaching 124.9 x 169.9 x 203.2 mm, with a weight that is around 1 kg; portability is improved with the presence of a very comfortable handle in leatherettevery useful for moving the terminal from one room to another without difficulty, although it should be remembered that not intact a battery, therefore it must always be connected to a wall socket.

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On the top we find the buttons physical to navigate the menu as well as the ferrule for the manual focus (does not support automatic), it may seem like an annoying or complicated mechanism, but we assure you that it is simpler than expected, in a few seconds you will get the perfect fire. A small flap for the elevation of the frame with respect to the support surface, the opening is quite complicated, moreover it appears to be made of plastic that is too light and fragile, as well as fail to tilt the product particularly (a particularly high angle is not reached).

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Hardware and specifications

L’Artlii Play it’s a projector LCD with technology LTPS (different from the IPS we see on smartphones or other models), with source bright LED for a life time of approx 5000 hoursresolution native HD (1280 x 720 pixels), but support up to 4K. There brightness maximum of 200 ANSI lumens it is more than enough for use in completely dark environments, it will be more complicated to use it with artificial light on or in dim light areas.

Although the native resolution is in HDthe playback quality was amazingthe detail, the breadth of the dynamic range and the sharpness of the images they reach an overall level that goes far beyond the 215 euros about selling the product. It positively surprised us in terms of overall quality, even i blacks they are not too ‘washed out’ or grayish, really one excellent yield able to satisfy even the most demanding users. We just missed multiple color profilesyou can choose between standard, movie or office, changing almost only the intensity of the light source.

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The screen of projection can fluctuate between 31 And 200 incheswith positioning distance between 1.14 And 6.85 meters (recommended distance is 2.4 meters for 70 inch viewing); to report the possibility of make a zoom up to a minimum equal to 70% of the original shot (it will not be possible to enlarge the image beyond 100%), without any loss of detail.

The processor is a very good one Amlogic T972 with quad-core A55 chip, the same we see on the latest generation Xiaomi Mi TVs, coupled with 2GB of RAM e 16 GB internal memory (not expandable). The navigation turned out to be in line with expectations, we did not notice slowdowns or lag particular, the wait in the opening of applications it’s not overly long.

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The device, thanks to the presence of connectivity bluetoothcan be used as speaker on its own, streaming music from any source. Audio is guaranteed by two speakers stereo from 5 wattspositioned on the edges of the same, which reach a maximum volume decidedly high, able to satisfy the request in an environment from 25/30 square meters. The detail is a total of excellent levelexceeding expectations, i bass they are quite full-bodied and precise, maybe it croaks slightly on the voices and the high frequencies, but we were more than satisfied.

Operating system and transmission

The main feature ofArtlii Play is clearly represented by the operating system installed, we are obviously talking about Android TV 9.0 with security patches updated to August 2018. The choice of a solution of this type leads to the possibility of directly benefiting from the Play Store integrated into the projector, as a result it will be possible download directly applications of the caliber of Netflix, Kodi, Amazon Prime Video or Disney + (and many others), without being forced to transmit the contents from the smartphone. The presence of Google Assistantwith a few clicks it will be possible to take advantage of all the functions guaranteed even on mobile devices.

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Just this last action is facilitated by the presence of Chromecast integrated, in other words from any device connected to the same network (is compatible with Monoband WiFionly at 2.4GHz), you can send what you want without installing additional applications or connecting directly with the projector. In the back of the same there are also several physical connectorshow 2 HDMI ports2 doors USB1 AV and the 3.5mm jack for headphones. One connectivity very supplied and able to satisfy all needs of consumers.

The settings within the system there are not very many, it is possible to choose the keystone correction with variations of +/- 45 ° in vertical / horizontal (it is not automatic, although we would have preferred it manualnot electronic), as well as of course small changes also in terms of interface customization.

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The projector is quite noisyon the side there is a small cooling fan which will emit a fairly important noise, although in any case everything is outclassed by the excellent level of volume reachable in reproduction.


In conclusion Artlii Play it’s a projector smart truly amazing, with an excellent quality / price ratio that we would buy immediately if we were looking for the right compromise. The presence of Android TV it’s a merit not to be overlooked, being able to install applications through the Play Store or broadcast content thanks to the integrated Chromecast, is something that hardly you see in the price range of 200 euros or a little more.

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During the same period Artlii also launched a version Pro of the same model, with the addition of frequency support from 5GHz in WiFi, the dolby audio and small improvements in the use of the “Mouse” mode, all this at a base price of 229 euros (15 euros more than Artlii Play), which becomes 219 euros thanks to the following discount code: DVX8IT78. If you are interested in the latter, you can find it on Amazon by pressing the link.

Below you can see our complete video review and summary scores.

Artlii Play

215 euros


Aesthetics and dimensions

8.0 / 10

Reproduction quality

8.0 / 10

Audio quality

7.5 / 10

Transmission systems

8.5 / 10


8.5 / 10


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