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‘Artificial Intelligence threatens humanity’: Elon Musk sounds the alarm

‘Artificial Intelligence threatens humanity’: Elon Musk sounds the alarm

Elon Musk he is not afraid of anything, as his plan to inhabit Mars with a million people shows, but one thing worries the South African-born tycoon: theArtificial intelligence. The man who wants to revolutionize transport thanks to his Tesla, believes that laws are needed to regulate the field of AI.

During the meeting National Governors Association, Musk expressed his concerns about this technology, stressing the need to protect humans from machines. Let’s find out what the volcanic Elon said.

Elon Musk: ‘Dangerous Artificial Intelligence’

A real risk to the existence of human civilization, during the meeting of American governors, which was held in Rhode Island, Elon Musk was very concerned about the future of Artificial Intelligence. Scenarios from science fiction films immediately come to mind, machines that rebel and take over, scenarios that are less improbable than we think according to Musk.

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First of all, you need to have a command that allows you to deactivate automated systems immediately. Curious that it is the man who more than any other has invested in autopilot technology who requires such a measure. By giving the user the ability to control the machine at any time, damage can be limited and man kept in the control room.

Artificial Intelligence is a great opportunity, but according to Musk people will “be afraid” when they fully understand the risks associated with this technology. Numerous meetings with the governors, the main topic being the possibility of selling Tesla without the need for a dealer network.

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“I keep ringing the alarm bell – said Musk – but until people see robots killing people on the street, they won’t know how to react. It seems an unreal scenario ”. Elon, as usual, does not take half measures to explain the risks associated with technological progress and also talks about the implications in the workplace.

There will certainly be repercussions in terms of employment, Musk has no doubts and adds that “robots will be able to do everything much better than us”.

Source: geek.com