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Ariete Sani-Jet Air review: an excellent sanitizer for environments


Ariete Sani-Jet Air review: an excellent sanitizer for environments

In such a critical period, due to COVID-19 and beyond, Aries decides to double its offer of room sanitizers (after the Aries SaniJet reviewed here) with the brand new Ariete Sani-Jet Air. Let’s get to know it closely in ours review complete.

Aesthetics and Design

Made entirely of plastic, mainly in glossy white color, but with black inserts and bluesthe product has a shape cylindrical and relatively small size. Specifically it reaches 21.50 x 21.50 x 29cmwith a weight that is around 1.50 kg; all this clearly favors the positioning on any work surface, managing to be also pleasant from an aesthetic point of view (although it is not a piece of furniture or a particular design).

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Construction materials are discrete, the plastic does not appear to be too heavy or sturdy, the risk is that it can break if it falls. The Ariete Sani-Jet Air is composed of three parts that break the cylinder in two, resting one on top of the other, with one small lid that allows quick access to the water tank.

The product does not present an integrated battery, must always be connected to a wall socket, for this reason the cable it can not be disconnected from the same.

Usage and Performance

The product works only and exclusively with sachets Sani-Jet Clean, one pack is included, which can be purchased separately at major electronics retailers. A single sachet allows you to sanitize up to 90 square meters in about 3 hours, before having to request the refill. The reservoirwhere to dissolve the compound, is very largereaches well 5 litersalthough it is important to know that a single sachet will suffice for 700 milliliters of water.

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Ariete Sani-Jet Air born as sanitizer ultrasound, including the function of humidifier to extend its uses to the maximum. These works completely in autonomymanaging to sanitize the environments for saturation of the air, managing to eliminate all germs and bacteria which are also found on surfaces.

Control is very simpleAriete has in fact integrated in the front a small display completely touch screen (not in color), which allows you to set timer programmed shutdowns (it will not go until the water runs out, but they are set 3 levels intensity), or to switch between the two functions: sanitation And humidifier. Inputs are received very quickly, it is not necessary excessive pressure, ensuring more than correct operation.

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The function of humidification allows adjustment manual humidity level up to a maximum of 95%. Regardless of the choice made, theAriete Sani-Jet Air it is not particularly noisy, you can keep it quietly in your bedroom while you sleep, you only hear a distant simmering, but so faint as to be almost conciliatory to sleep.

To avoid unpleasant inconveniences, Ariete has decided to add an acoustic buzzer that signals the end of the water inside the reservoirguaranteeing at the same time a continuous service over time.

Ariete Sani-Jet Air: conclusions

In conclusion Ariete Sani-Jet Air it is an excellent product, ideal for large and small environments (up to 90 square meters with a sachet slot), not only residential, but also gyms, offices or common spaces. His versatility is extreme, this allows us to satisfy the needs of an ever increasing number of consumers, flanked by an incredible one simplicity of use. Thanks to the touchscreen display it is possible to set a timer, the humidity level, or the choice of the two functions.

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The size reduced make it positionable practically anywhere, just a pity that the materials appear to be not too strong. Perhaps the only defect we feel we can point out in theAriete Sani-Jet Air.

Ariete Sani-Jet Air

120 euros


Aesthetics and Design

7.0 / 10


8.5 / 10


8.0 / 10


7.5 / 10



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