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Ariete Airy Fryer Oven review: the air fryer with rotisserie


Ariete Airy Fryer Oven review: the air fryer with rotisserie

Aries Airy Fryer Oven it is not a simple air fryer, like the many that we can buy on Amazon, but it also integrates additional functions that certainly expand the possibilities of use in various fields and cooking, among these we find its being a electric ovenas well as integrating the mechanism of rotisserie.

Aesthetically the product is very bulkyit reaches 32.50 x 34 x 38.50 centimeters, with a weight of 7.94 kg. It is almost entirely made of plastic, shiny of good quality even if it retains fingerprints and you can see a lot of dust, with silver inserts.

In the upper part there are the two large ***** for machine control, on the left the timer time up to a maximum of 60 minutes, while on the right the adjustment of the temperature as far as 200 ° C; in the middle between the two here is thesingle button physical, in which they are also integrated 3 leds (temperature, ignition or internal light), especially useful for activating / deactivating the rotisserie function. Surely I would have preferred the presence of a more digital display, for faster management of temperature and cooking time; for the rest the product is well made, also comfortable i feet in rubber that slightly raise it from the work surface and fix it avoiding various slips.

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One of the pluses, very useful in daily use, is certainly it door front with integrated glass, in this way it is possible to view the cooking of food, without having to open the fryer. These are anyway removable from the same, using the appropriate button, to facilitate washing if it becomes dirty.

General specifications

Although the external dimensions are bulky, internally theAries Airy Fryer Oven it is relatively compact, as it reaches 26 x 24.40 x 17.50 centimeters, with 4 different cooking levels where to place the grates, although it still guarantees 11 liters of capacity.

Unlike another model of the same brand, the reviewed one reaches 2000 watts of power, she has not pre-set programs, but have been printed at the top indications on the temperatures and cooking times for the various dishes that can be cooked there.

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Basically the Aries Airy Fryer Oven was created to satisfy 3 needs: air fryer, electric oven and cooking with rotisserie. From here his very wide one certainly comes versatilitythe user has the possibility to enjoy many cooking modes, without having to buy several different products.

Inside the device, which we remember reaches to the maximum 200 degrees of temperature, an air recirculation is activated a 360 °allowing you to cook “fried” foods without oil (or with 1 tbsp only), just for a healthier cuisine. All this air is “expelled” from the rear slit as a result must not place the product too close to the wall, but on the other side it does not generate smoke, nor smell of any kind. There noise is quite pronounced, we can define it in line with products of the same type.

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In the internal part, at the intermediate level, the rotisserie mechanismthis is activated by pressing the upper button (which also turns on the light), and allows the cooking of a grilled chicken in about 50/60 minutes. Being also electric oventhe user can insert sweets, meat, fish and everything he wants, always with a view to the greatest possibilities of use.

Accessories in the box and experience of use

In the package we find a carnet of accessories truly incredible, starting with the excellent instruction manual, with interesting instructions and cooking tips for the main dishes.

The first component we come across is the rotating basketthese are born to allow cooking uniform of fries, avoiding that they remain “raw” on the one hand with respect to cooking on a plate. Positioning is simplethe rotisserie is used for the rotation mechanism, and indeed we note an improvement in terms of crunchiness and cooking in general compared to usual. The only handicaps could concern the difficulty in positioning and opening; being a very large basket you will have to acquire a certain dexterity to insert it correctly into the mechanism. In parallel, when you have removed it, it will be incandescent, and the tab for opening it will be very hard (and therefore it is difficult to open it, because it will be particularly hot).

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To facilitate removal, one has been integrated into the package handle, very comfortable and very easy to use (also for the rotisserie); being a completely perforated basket, the crumbs they will inevitably fall inside the fryer, to avoid getting dirty, Aries thought about introducing one plate (like the ones we use in the oven), to be placed on the lowest shelf, such as collect fat or in our case crumbs.

The rotisserie it is nothing more than a simple metal rod that allows the cooking of a grilled chicken; in our tests we cooked a chicken for about 1 kg, the rotation mechanism had no difficulty, and the food dimensionally speaking had no problems in positioning inside the fryer. There cooking it was excellent, in about 60 minutes we reached the end and we must admit we produced a result much juicier of the classic spit-roasted chicken that we buy at the rotisserie; there skin unfortunately it did not manage to be as crunchy as we would have liked, perhaps also due to the relatively low temperature. Despite everything, i results they have been largely satisfactory.

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The latest accessories that we find in the package are 3 grids for foods, in steel, with dimensions of 25.60 x 32 centimeters. For all intents and purposes they are relatively small, little product can be placed, and for this reason multi-level cooking comes to our aid; you can insert several grids on different levels in the same “batch”, even with food different, obtaining a uniform cooking on all. Operation is great and 100% guaranteed, whether you use a single shelf or every grill in your possession; just keep in mind that being relatively “light” they could bend if you place heavy products on them, and in the same way any crumbs or grease will fall into the lower shelves (for this reason we recommend the use of parchment paper).

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Aries Airy Fryer Oven: conclusions

In conclusion Aries Airy Fryer Oven it is a very good product that is worth the expense of 139 euros for its great versatility of use. Being able to take advantage of an air fryer and an electric oven (with also a rotisserie), in a single solution is certainly a plus not to be overlooked.

There cooking was in line with expectations, very good especially a multi-storey in “electric oven version”, which uses the 360 ​​° air circulation to cook food (don’t forget that you can also make desserts) evenly.

Below you will find our video review with i test performed and the summary scores.

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Airy Fryer Oven

139 euros


Aesthetics and dimensions

7.0 / 10

Functions and type of cooking

8.5 / 10


8.0 / 10

Air frying

7.5 / 10

Electric / multi-deck oven

8.0 / 10



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