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Are we leaving for Mars? Speak Elon Musk of SpaceX

Are we leaving for Mars? Speak Elon Musk of SpaceX

Elon Musk is the patron of SpaceX and recently stated, that we will soon have a colony on Mars. According to the tycoon’s vision, in order to achieve this goal, you just need a lot of money and a huge spaceship. Mr. Musk talked about his vision at the conference International Astronautical Congress IAC, which was held on Tuesday in Guadalaja. The magnant considers the colonization of space a priority, since he claims ours race may become extinct. For this reason it is essential to start researching technologies that allow us to explore space.

The first goal would be to get to Mars, our next neighbor. This because the planet can be reached quickly, “In the course of our life” and we will need a rocket of 122 meters. This was explained through an interesting video.

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The designed rocket is composed of various reusable modules, also allowing to make return trips, directly producing the propellant on Mars. Every 26 months, the Red Planet is closer to us being only 56 million kilometers away.

Mars, an achievable goal by 2024

Musk in addition to optimize costs, he planned to position methane and oxygen tanks in orbit, fuel that can also be easily produced on Mars. In this way the engine, called Raptor, will be able to make pit stops along the way. The project isn’t entirely far-fetched, given that SpaceX already has successfully designed and tested the Falcon 9, tiny modulus when compared to the rocket for Mars.

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Once the spacecraft is in orbit, a module that will actually carry people, it will open and use large solar panels. The trip should take at least six months or so, at a speed of 100,000 km / h. Once he lands on Mars, work to build a base can begin. Elon Musk even thinks of give
Mars similar to earth, through a rather complex process.

Here’s what the colony will look like

In addition, the tycoon’s vision should open an era of space travel, where thousands of ships will depart, staggered every 26 months. Each should be able to bring from 100 to 200 people in addition to everything that could be used on the planet “from the forges to melt iron to the ovens to make pizza”. The ticket price? 500 thousand dollars just to start the first trips, but then it can also be reduced by a third. In short, in just 40 years and with only 10,000 flights, one could be built self-sufficient civilization on Mars. Are you ready to move to the Red Planet?