Archos introduces new Android series for home entertainment

The new Archos 7 and Archos 8 have very different aspects. The 7 series is a lightweight player, with Wi-Fi and a 7” screen, and a very manageable size with a thickness of less than 20mm. It integrates Wifi and a low-performance 600MHz Cortex A9 processor. It won’t be a panacea when browsing pages full of flash, but it will allow us to play video and audio without too many problems.

The Archos 8 is a product more oriented to use as a photo frame but it has the same functionality and hardware as the Archos 7. Both will be available in Europe from April and will have 4GB of capacity with a very attractive entry price. from €149. The downside, as with all Archos products, is that if you want some added functionality you’ll have to jump through hoops of paying premium software upgrades.

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