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Apple will launch its AR / VR headset in January 2023

Apple will launch its AR / VR headset in January 2023

These days, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, famous for his reliability on products Appleis back to talk about the AR / VR viewer of the House. According to the man, he would not miss the official launch of the product on the market. Specifically, this one speaks of January 2023. What will be the strengths of the device?

We’ve been talking about Apple’s AR / VR viewer for several years now. One of the most ambitious home projects that could spawn a impact similar to that of the iPhone in 2007. The company has been working on it for several years now. The moment of the revolution seems to be very close. We are ready?

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Apple: the AR / VR headset arriving at the beginning of 2023

Kuo defined the headset as the most complex product Cupertino has ever designed. We talk about the big stuff. The company has no intention of launching a viewer that goes alongside those already on the market. Apple, as usual, the market wants to revolutionize it. Similarly to what was done with the Apple Watch, or iPhone, this viewer will also be recognized as a product in its own right (or at least that’s what the forecasts say). Among the interesting features it will have, the possibility of exploiting both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. This will allow us to do great things in various fields (there is already talk of a possible revolution also for the world of video games).

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If Kuo says one thing, it is because it is almost certain that it will happen. If he has said, therefore, that the Apple headset will arrive by January 2023, the chances are high that it will indeed. That Apple will decide to surprise everyone by announcing it already in September / October along with the iPhone and iPad? We will find out very soon.

Ph. Credit: yankodesign.com