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Apple: Will entry-level 2020 iPads look like iPad Pro?

Apple: Will entry-level 2020 iPads look like iPad Pro?

These days we are talking about the iPad and its possible future. After the leak of the iPad Air manual, the images depicting the entry level models appear online. What will be the characteristics of the new Apple devices? Let’s find out together.

Well yes, it seems that Apple is ready to launch a new entry level iPad. To confirm this, the photos published online by the site 91mobiles. These depict a tablet very similar to iPad Pro with Face ID. Is Apple ready to take the leap in quality?

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The images of the 2020 iPads published in the past few hours by 91mobile go against the iPad Air leak leaked in the past few days. Both, in fact, speak of an iPad with a design very similar to that of the iPad Pro, 10.8-inch display and USB-C port. The only difference between the two lies in the Face ID: the first leak (that of iPad Air) excludes it, while the latter sees it as the protagonist. Considering that Apple will never launch two products that are so similar to each other, only one of the two will become reality. Now, however, we need to understand if it will be iPad Air or iPad 2020.

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While the idea of ​​an iPad Pro-style entry-level iPad is very tempting, it’s hardly probable that Cupertino will decide to launch one so soon.. IPad Air (much more expensive) is more likely to take the form of the professional model. We recall, in fact, that the first generation of this range has not been so successful due to the few differences with the base line. It is time for Cupertino to take the device to another level. A 2020 iPad, however, is not to be ruled out. This one, however, will have decidedly more moderate characteristics. Look forward to further updates on this.