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Apple Watch may soon integrate a very special camera

Apple Watch may soon integrate a very special camera

The bitten apple company is working hard to make Apple Watch as functional as possible. The house has come a long way from the launch of the first model until now. Despite this, it seems that this is not yet fully satisfied with the result. A very interesting feature could soon arrive on the new models.

When it comes to Apple Watch, the first thing that comes to mind is health. Now Cupertino has reiterated it several times, the smartwatch will get closer and closer to a medical device. The feature we want to talk to you about today, however, has nothing to do with this field. We speak, in fact, ofintroduction of a very special camera.

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Apple Watch: camera on the way?

Apple wouldn’t be the first company to try to implement a camera on a smartwatch. Many houses have already tried their hand at the enterprise but the products have had little success. The idea of ​​Cupertino, however, seems to be very interesting. In the past few hours, the bitten apple has registered a patent concerning an Apple Watch camera integrated into the strap. This should be able to take 360 ​​° photos and videos.

Well yes. The bitten apple company has thought of an adjustable camera. This is extracted thanks to a tab from the Apple Watch strap. Users will be able to position it to their liking in order not to have to twist their wrist to take a photo. Such a choice would only make the Cupertino gem more independent from the iPhone. Since this is a patent, however, we do not know if it will have a real response. Look forward to any updates in this regard.