Apple updates the Mac Mini and significantly raises the price

The new Mac mini is a more compact machine that introduces some improvements at the connectivity and power level but still maintains a Core 2 Duo processor base, having the opportunity to mount the entire new range of Core 2010 processors, including low-voltage ones. maintaining 2GB of RAM and if it improves the graphics somewhat with the incorporation of a Geforce 320M chip with 256MB of RAM.

Connectivity has improved in the form of HDMI and Displayport connectors that will make it much easier to use all kinds of displays, including TVs, with this little unit. In addition now also integrates the power supply in the body of the computer.

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The problem is that with the renewal, and the change of housing to aluminum, Apple has increased the price of the unit to 779 Euros, when in the USA this same model is sold at $699, and it is well known that the Euro falls with against the dollar in recent months but reaching a positive conversion is a novelty, this must be what Apple calls “innovation”.

In this edition we will also have a “server” version with a higher disk and RAM configuration, without an optical drive, and with a price of 1129 Euros.