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Apple unveils the brand new MacBook Air: here are the news

Apple unveils the brand new MacBook Air: here are the news

A few days ago we told you about the possibility of the launch of a new MacBook Air during this week. Well yes, it seems that the anonymous source was right. In the past few hours, the house of the bitten apple, Apple has officially unveiled the new MacBook Air models. In this article, we are going to discover all the new features introduced.

A new MacBook Air model had been expected for several weeks. We recall, in fact, that after 2018, the device had only undergone a small update during last summer. It was time for Apple to present a substantial upgrade. New processors, increased internal memory and a new keyboard are the strengths of the new entry-level laptop of the bitten apple. Here’s everything in detail.

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Apple: MacBook Air becomes up to twice as powerful

Yes, even with regard to MacBook Air, Apple has decided to focus on power. The new Intel Core processors mounted on the device guarantee double the performance compared to the previous generation. Even in terms of graphics, we have a consistent performance improvement, up to 80% more than the “old” MacBook Air. The design of the device remains almost the same. What changes, however, is the keyboard. In fact, the highly praised Magic Keyboard with scissor mechanism already seen on MacBook Pro with 16 “display is introduced.

As with the new iPad Pro, Apple has decided to increase the base memory cut for the device. The cheapest model now starts with 256 GB of internal memory. Obviously, this can be expanded up to 2 Tb. The new MacBook Air is available in three classic colors: gold, silver and space gray. The device can already be ordered online at the basic price of 1229 euros. The arrival in the shops is expected for the first weeks of April. Look forward to any updates in this regard.